How to save battery on the laptop while playing games

save battery on the laptop

If you are a gaming freak who plays on the gaming laptop, then you must know the importance of a long battery life. You can never enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest, if you keep running out of battery. To get most out of your gaming sessions you need to keep the battery running, for as long as possible. So, if you are looking for ways to improve the gaming laptop battery health, then you have come to the right place. Stick around, because we are going to tell you the best ways to save the battery of your gaming laptop, so you can enjoy the longer gaming sessions. For Best Gaming Laptops visit.

Dim the Screen: 

The first thing you need to do is dim the screen by lowering the brightness of the display. The pixels you see on the screen use up more battery, when they are shining bright as compared to when they are dimmed down. You can save a good amount of battery by just lowering the brightness. If you are sitting in a low-light arrangement, or your room is not too much well-lit, then low brightness will not make any major difference in the visuals. You can save your battery as well as your eye-sight by this method. A less-brighter display will always be easy on your eyes, when you are in the middle of an intense gaming session. Go to the settings, press the display button, and adjust the brightness and colours according to your preferences. 

Turn off the Keyboard Backlights: 

The keyboard RGB backlights help you create the perfect aura for your gaming sessions. It lets you enjoy your gaming and helps to know where the keys are, even if you are playing in a dark room. But in addition to these cool things, it also drains down the battery faster as well. Turning off the RGB backlights of your keyboard will save you a lot of battery. It has been tested to improve the battery life by 16%, which is quite remarkable. So next time, if you want to game and save the battery simultaneously, then just turn off the RGB keyboard backlights. 

Stop the Background Apps: 

The apps and programs running in the back drain the battery as well. You need to keep the apps closed, so that they won’t drain too much of your battery. Closing all the background apps will save you battery as well as free up the memory, which will improve the performance of your gaming while you are playing games on F95zone

Remove the Peripherals: 

Most of the gaming freaks and laptop users have so many peripherals attached to their laptop. These peripherals include wireless mice, keyboards, headsets, and external hard drives. Even though they enhance your productivity and comfort, but they consume a good amount of battery. These peripherals are mostly attached by Bluetooth, which drains the battery. So, in order to save the battery of your laptop while gaming, you need to disconnect the peripherals.  

Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: 

If the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi remain on, they tend to drain a lot of the battery. So, switching off Bluetooth always seem to be a good idea to save your battery. If you are not gaming online, then you should keep the Wi-Fi switched off as well. 

Change Your Power Mode: 

You will find different power modes in your laptop settings, which you can use depending on your preference and usage. If you want to save the battery of your laptop while you are gaming, it is better to just switch to power/battery saver mode. It will change the settings to save you a good amount of battery. 

Bottom Line: 

These were some of the tips which will help you improve the gaming laptop battery health. You can save battery and enjoy your gaming sessions simultaneously. So, we hope you guys got know all the important things you came to find out. Well, if you are looking for a gaming laptop on finance, then make sure to visit and choose from a wide collection of gaming laptops


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