Issues for Which You Need to Take Your Car toan Auto Body Shop


If your car got damaged for some reason, especially at the cosmetic level, know that you need to take it to an auto body shop. There the mechanics will handle each of those parts that are not instrumental in the movement of the car. If that makes you curious about what are those problems and damages that can be solved by auto body shops, then here is a comprehensive list for you.

Dent and ScratchRepair

If your car body surface has suffered any damage like an ugly scratch or a dent, it is a subject for the auto body shops to deal with. But one should remember, that even if the area of damage is smaller in size, it is always advisable to take your car o the auto body shops for a repair. There should not be much of a delay in the process if you do not want the damage to spread anymore.

Dent and scratch repairs can again be of two types depending upon the severity of damage caused to your car body. If the area of the scratch and dent is small, then the mechanics of the auto body shop might recommend a paintless dent repair, which is not only less expensive but also less time consuming.

But if the damage is quite big, then it will automatically be addressed by a conventional dent and scratch repair. It will involve not only the pulling and sealing of the damaged part but also a complete paint job done on the car to avoid creating an unsightly look, where the colors are not matching and revealing the fact that a repair job has been done.

Windshieldsand Windows

If your car windshield or any of its glass items like the windows is not working properly or has broken down, it is the job of the auto body shops to fix them back or replace them. If it is the car window which is not rolling up and down properly, you again would have to call for help from an auto body shop. These issues can be fixed only by professionally trained people since it involves the usage of advanced tools and high-end machinery.

Frame Straightening

The other big job that the auto body shops can do is frame straightening. It becomes the first essential repairwhen a vehicle gets damaged to its frame after a serious accident or collision.Ifa car body frame gets severely damaged, there are ways to get back its original shape. It is called frame straightening. This procedure uses hydraulic powered machines to bring back the frame to its original condition.

But they also put a little disclaimer that not all body damages can be addressed with frame straightening, or that, frame straightening cannot be done to all stage of car body damages. For this an auto body shop will first conduct a test, to know if the car condition is congenial for frame straightening. It is purely dependent on this test results that an auto body shop tell you if your car needs this service.


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