Organic Gardening Basic Tools

Organic Gardening Basic Tools
Organic Gardening Basic Tools

Organic gardening is basically gardening without the use of synthetic products. Organic gardening uses natural products only and replenishes them as it uses them.  It requires an ecosystem that is created to nourish and sustain plants and soil microbes.

There are major areas to focus on to maintain the purpose of organic gardening. First is soil management which can be dealt with using a fertilizer that is organic. Second is weed management that is dealt with intensive manual labor and ground coverings that are also organic. Last is by having pest control that promotes beneficial insects and companion planting.

But all of those won’t be achievable without the use of tools. Here are some of the basic tools and products that you could use for flourishing your organic garden.

High-Quality Garden Soil

Soil that is of excellent quality is highly needed in organic gardening. Using healthy soil means having healthy plants. Among the qualities of garden soil should be having the perfect amount of organic matter. The soil should also have good water retention and circulation of air. It should also be able to balance the ecosystem by having well-balanced nutrients.


A lot of gardeners make their own compost, but it can also be purchased in the market. Compost is sometimes used as a fertilizer, it contains organic materials that were decomposed. Such as kitchen waste, old leaves or even clippings of grass. It has nutrients that improve soil structure, therefore, giving the correct balance of air, moisture, and nutrients.


Mulch is a covering that can be spread over the surface of the soil. It helps retain vital ground moisture while reducing the number of weeds and keeping the soil cool thus making the garden bed more attractive. As mulches decompose, the soil’s fertility improves. Yes, you will need to replace the mulch after a period of time as it will decompose, but it will improve the soil’s fertility and organic content in the process. Remember that a dry mulch will decompose slower and will give fewer nutrients to your soil.

Organic Gardening Basic Tools

Types of Organic Mulch:

  • Bark, Shredded or Chipped
  • Manure (Composted)
  • Clippings of Grass
  • Straw
  • Newspaper
  • Shredded Leaves

Precision Seeder

This tool uses a cog system to automatically distribute seeds, making it a lot easier for you to sow seeds in beds. It has the ability to perform many tasks at once like dropping a seed while being able to plow an accurate depth and width. It also covers the area where you dropped the seed and tamps it down then marks the row.

Wheel Hoe

This tool has been around for a long time and it has been one of the most valued ones. It can perform different tasks like weeding, furrowing plants and breaking up layers of the soil surface that were established to re-sow.

Oscillating Stirrup Hoe

This tool has the ability to weed a bed by oscillating its stirrup in and out. It combines the useful actions of both a push and a pull hoe. It is definitely a lot easier than hand weeding also it is simpler to use. One of its amazing qualities is that it is the right tool for post weeding outbursts.

Multi-Tool (Pocket Knife/Field Knife)

This is the “everything” tool that is a must-have for any gardener. From its name itself, it is a tool that combines many functions in a single tool.

Garden Fork

This tool has a handle and tines that are strong to loosen up the second layer of double-digging. It is also a tool that can be used to induce air into the top layer of your beds before subsequent crops during the growing season. You can also use it to clean out or remove stones, weeds, and clods.


A gardener would not be able to accomplish tasks well without a good pair of hands. Hands are the best friends of any gardener so they need to be protected. Choose gloves that are sturdy and will fit you perfectly. Low-quality gloves will give you a difficult time in gardening as they will only slip off or give you blisters. Choose longer cuffs to protect your wrists and prevent dirt and water from reaching your hands. The most comfortable gloves are often the breathable and water-resistant ones.

Adjustable Nozzle and Garden Hose

When buying a water hose, it is important to take into consideration the shape and size of your garden. Estimate the length before shopping because the hose must reach all the corners of the garden. Buying a heavy-duty hose might just be too much for your plants but a softer one might need to be replaced every once in a while. A nozzle might be the solution to this problem. It will let you control not just the pressure, but also the radius of the spray. Some sizes are more comfortable to hold, so make sure to compare the nozzle triggers.

Buying gardening tools can be a whole lot of fun, but remember to focus on the tools that will not only help you accomplish your tasks efficiently but safely as well. Don’t be afraid to spend money on investing in tools that are of high quality and durable enough to work hard like you.

We pollute the environment by using chemicals on crops. Through organic gardening, we are able to contribute largely to preserving the environment. Organic gardening promotes a toxic-free environment by growing plants in a natural way and putting an end to using chemical pesticides. So, let us help save our ecosystem by choosing organic gardening and promoting it as well.


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