Potency Pills- are they a “golden mean” for erectile dysfunction? 


In most cases, male erectile dysfunction results from other health problems. By taking such drugs, they’ll harm themselves even more without knowing about their pharmacological effects, masking the basis reason for this ailment. Meanwhile, timely diagnosis and effective treatment won’t only improve your condition in bed but also your overall health.

Erectile dysfunction – what are the causes?

To understand this, we must first understand the causes of ED. This ailment is defined by the inability to get and maintain an erection sufficient for a satisfactory Physical activity. This problem – contrary to vox populi – concerns not only older men, e.g., over 50, but also much younger men.

For a person to be Intimacy active, three systems must function efficiently: endocrine, circulatory, and nervous. It works like this: first, there’s an erotic stimulus (all the senses are activated), then the erectile center within the brain is stimulated, then within the medulla spinalis. The arteries widen, and also the cavernous bodies of the penis fill with blood. The vasoconstriction of the penis that appears at the tip makes the erection permanent. Kamagra oral jelly and Vidalista 20 is the best way to treat ed.

If any of those elements doesn’t work, ED occurs. The cause could also be disorders within the hormonal balance, obstruction of blood vessels, disturbances within the work of neurotransmitters within the brain, etc. The list of diseases which will contribute to erection problems is long. Chronic stress may also be added to it.

Erectile dysfunction – when to work out a doctor?

One-time dysfunction can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t suggest anything. However, if it occurs more often, you must contact your doctor, preferably your medical care provider, who will order tests to see the reason for these problems. Changing your lifestyle may help. Because improper diet, substance abuse, smoking, obesity, or insufficient physical activity contribute to diseases that affect men’s intimate performance.

Potency drugs – to require or to not take?

Potency drugs, which are most frequently utilized by men with dysfunction, are used, but only under the supervision of a doctor or pharmacist, who will take under consideration other drugs taken by a person and his health condition. Why is it so important? Because many of those drugs can interact with medications taken for other states, like cardiopathy.

Potency dietary supplements – does it work?

These are the most frequent preparations supported herbal and plant extracts, which will improve blood circulation, but … you’ve got to attend some weeks for the consequences. They improve a man’s overall condition, but they do not work straight away.

Very often, the composition of this sort of preparations includes:

L-arginine – an organic compound that has many health properties, including dilating blood vessels and thus supporting erection,

Ginseng – a plant that contains compounds from the saponin group, soothing problems with drive disorders and increasing libido,

Tribulus Terrestris – also contains saponin compounds and phytosterols that improve male main function,

Maca root contains numerous compounds that improve male erectile function and libido (including phytosterols, phytosterols, phylogenies, polyphenols).

Potency medications (also called over-the-counter potency medications)

Most of the over-the-counter potency drugs on the market contain Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200– medicinal substances used, among others, in male erectile dysfunction (they widen the blood vessels, which increases blood flow and allows for a long-lasting erection). Unfortunately, these substances, and thus preparations containing them, have many contraindications. Men affected by cardiovascular diseases can not employ them. They also interact with many other medications.

Preparations of this kind usually work temporarily – they’re used several dozen minutes before intercourse.

Considering the above, the employment of those agents should be consulted with a doctor or pharmacist to avoid additional health problems.


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