Read Online Books For Free During lockdown

Read Online Books For Free During lockdown

Want to know where to read free books online during the lockdown; this article will help you find you read books online for free.

Covid has struck us all hard. Not only in terms of health, but it has also posed some serious issues across the globe. With everything under lockdown, people can’t continue their jobs, kids cannot go to school and while it is said that online classes are easily compensating for the physical classes, it is true only to a certain extent.

One of the major drawbacks of the lockdown is the lethargy and monotonous feeling that has surrounded everyone and especially kids. Kids when they go to school have a proper routine which has been replaced with hours of sitting in front of their smartphones playing games and watching TV. In order to overcome these habits parents and kids both want something that can not only improve their habits but also invest time in good things.

One practical and productive way to overcome these monotonous habits is to read online books for free during the lockdown. Books are said to be one’s best friend and not only does it inculcate good habits, it also improves concentration and reading habits. This article will walk you through the best sites where you can get free books to read online and also download books for free.

Read Online Books For Free During Lockdown:

Below mentioned are some of the best sites where you can read online:

1. Oxford Owl:

Being a part of the most famous Oxford University Press, Oxford Owl is a platform that everyone is interested in. It provides online books for free for covering the school syllabus as well as entertainment books.

With its vast collection of more than 250 free books, it caters to providing educational books, audios, learning materials, games, videos, etc.

2. Storyline Online:

Storyline Online

Want books for famous authors like Betty White, James Earl Jones, etc. Storyline Online is the best place for you. A venture of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, it is a platform for kids to get the most interesting books by famous authors and actors.

It is inclined more to read books online for free and specializes in books or videos that provide the plot of the story, the author’s description, and its gist. Kids inculcate good reading habits as well as improve their comprehension skills when they read books from such famous people.

3. ReadInShort:

It is no doubt that you read books based on their size. While reading is an addiction, not all of us are comfortable in reading lengthy books and many times leave it after finishing a few pages. This, however, does not mean we do not want to know the story of what happens in the end.

For such people, ReadInShort is the best place to read books online. ReadInShort caters to providing you the gist of the book including the author information, the plot, its summary, the end encapsulated in a few paragraphs.

ReadInShort provides books of various genres like fiction, adventure, academics, biographies, horror, education, etc., and has a collection of summaries of books written by some of the renowned authors like Mark Manson, Paulo Coehlo, Erich Segal, etc.

4. Open Library:

This is again the best place to get free books to read online. Open Library is supported by a non-profit organization called Internet Archive. It is famous for its never-ending collection of books which is more than one million and also offers more than 25000 books for free.

Its simple user interface lets users search books of their choice easily and the collection gets updated regularly.

5. International Children Digital Library:

International Children Digital Library

Popularly known as ICDL and supported by a non-profit organization, it is a platform where one can get books to read online in different languages. ICDL supports 59 languages and a vast collection of more than 4000 titles.

People can easily register to ICDL for free and have their bookshelf or library. Using ICDL one can also bookmark titles that one wishes to read later. It also has an easy search engine for locating books of personal interest.

Apart from these sites mentioned above, there are ample other sites as well which let you read books online for free as well as download free books online in PDF. Some of these sites are Voopla, Libby, Project Gutenberg, etc.

Covid-19 has left all of us to lead a boring and uninteresting life which includes more laziness and less productivity. While many of us have now started to resume back to normal life, kids are still suffering and don’t know how to be more productive. If your kid is facing the same problem, read the article, and find the best site where you can get free books to read online.

Having your kid read books not only invest their time and something better also is lifelong learning as it improves reading habits, gives a better sense of understanding, improves vocabulary, and lets them stay inspired, curious.


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