Review of the Google Pixelbook 12in

Review of the Google Pixelbook 12
Review of the Google Pixelbook 12

Have you heard of the Google Pixelbook 12in, the company’s most recent product release? This Google Pixelbook 12in study guide aims to cover every eventuality.

In order to help you choose the best buying option, you will learn about the product’s features and performance, advantages and disadvantages, costs, and pretty much anything else that is pertinent.

So let’s get going!

Despite popular belief, little Chromebooks are resurging because of their distinctly personalized looks.

The Pixelbook differs from conventional laptops and personal computers in that speed and effectiveness are given more weight. They use a new operating system called Operating System, which includes cloud storage, Google’s most advanced features, and many layers of security against possible attacks.

Features of the 12″ Google Pixelbook:

The following are some fantastic Google Pixelbook12in features:

1. Concept

Considering a portable computer with a 3:2 aspect ratio is not particularly alluring. Despite this, the Google Pixelbook 12in has one of the most appealing designs of any laptop now on the market.

The Pixelbook’s metal unibody form is extremely thin, and the design as a whole is contemporary and practical. Due to their superb quality, two additional features—silicon wrist rests and accents—deserve special mention.

The Pixelbook differs from other laptops in part because of how well it satisfies the criteria for a portable computer. It is not like any ordinary laptop in terms of appearance or feel; rather, it is a superb rip-off of a genuine notebook computer. Its look and feel are unlike those of any typical laptop.

It is especially good at recreating the pleasing appearance of worn-out, browned-up notebooks with settle-stitched bindings that you’d like to have in your collection.

The wonderfully thin laptop is made of white plastic and aluminum and has a 10.3 millimeter thickness. In addition, it’s crucial to pay attention to the casing’s material composition.

The screen is 12 inches diagonally, and the display’s default resolution is 24001600 pixels. It is more clear than competing goods because it has a greater pixel density than Apple’s Retina display.

2. Resilience

One would assume that a person who spent $1,000 on a laptop would treat it like their child, never letting it out of their sight and making sure it was always under their care.

However, accidents can happen, and you can lose your laptop from your PC. As a result, one of the most crucial things to take into account when making a technological investment is its lifespan.

3. Execution

We previously assumed that a Chromebook couldn’t have strong specs that ensured dependable performance.

The Google Pixelbook 12 has been released, thus we now have access to a potent Chromebook.

The Pixelbook performs like a knife through a desert due to the considerable influence of the seventh Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU.

Customers should be informed that the most current CPUs used in high-end laptops are not as accurate as the ultra-low-power variants, which reflect earlier Core m processors.

Users may pair them with up to 512GB of NVMe memory and up to 16GB of RAM for the best immersion and performance.

The Pixelbook’s Core i5 CPU performs well, clocking in at 1.2GHz with a boost to 3.3GHz. In contrast, the Core i7 has a 1.3GHz base speed and a 3.6GHz maximum boost speed.

The Pixelbook supports up to 512GB of disc space for storage and 8GB or 16GB of RAM.

4. Display

Before the Google Pixelbook 12, we thought Chromebooks could only provide a 1080p display.

The Pixelbook’s brilliant and vibrant display, with its 24001600-pixel resolution, implies that purchasers should never settle for anything less than the best.

The Pixelbook’s screen uses 117% of the sRGB color space, which floods the screen with vibrant colors and gives 4K YouTube videos an almost lifelike appearance.

5. Heat

You do not want to get a laptop that warms up rapidly, I can promise you. Fortunately, the Google Pixelbook keeps its cool even after hours of heavy use. Strangely, though, just one area of the laptop warms up.

The Pixelbook apparently discovered optimal temperatures in numerous locations after 15 minutes of streaming. The hinge area on the edge of the laptop, which is hotter, measured up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than the 95-degree safe zone.

6. Life of the Battery

A Chromebook should have excellent battery life. In this aspect, the Google Pixelbook 12in falls short. Given that the Pixelbook differs from the typical Chromebook notebook, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Additionally, the Laptop Mag Full Battery found that the Chromebook’s battery life was just 7 hours and 43 minutes, which is less than the industry standard of 8 hours and 34 minutes.

Google was able to make up for this loss with the fast-charging battery option, which ensures a power life of 2 hours after just 15 minutes of charging.


  • The keyboard and display are of the finest caliber.
  • A 267 PPI pixel density, which is rather high.
  • The use of high-resolution cameras


  • High cost

Questions and Answers regarding the Google Pixelbook12in:

What type of operating system does the Pixelbook run?

A: For Pixelbook users, the operating system is the first crucial factor. The Chrome OS is used by the Pixelbook 12. Chrome has built-in automatic upgrades. It provides virus protection in addition to automatic updating. The Chrome operating system is also quick and effective throughout the day.

Q2: Will my Pixelbook run Windows 10?

A: The Google Pixelbook 12 is compatible with Windows 10. One of a very select few Google gadgets that supports Windows is this one. The little storage is the sole downside.

Q3: Can the Pixelbook run Microsoft Office?

A Google Pixelbook laptop supports Microsoft Office. The laptop also enables file editing, opening, and downloading. With this utility, Microsoft Office files may also be transformed. Thus, files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint may be used on the Pixelbook.

Last Words:

The Pixelbook is better than competing Chromebooks in terms of appearance, specs, display, design, and other aspects. But it also outsells a number of sizable competitors with support from Windows and iOS.

The Google Pixelbook 12in’s high price and short battery life are the only deterrents for potential buyers.

If money is not an impediment, the Pixelbook is the most powerful Chrome OS-powered device on the market.


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