SEO – What is it?


As a small business, the phrase Search Engine Optimization has probably popped up on the radar. SEO is an excellent tool for marketing a business, driving traffic to a website, and gaining potential leads. The internet offers plenty of valuable tools for a company to succeed. SEO is just one tool that significantly impacts a business over time. However, understanding the correct terminology or implementing new strategies can sometimes be challenging. Here is everything to know about Search Engine Optimization. 

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization determines a website’s ranking on a search engine result. For example, when someone searches for “Computer Repair,” multiple businesses appear on the first page. A good SEO campaign ranks a business high, resulting in more traffic to a website. There are various ways to improve SEO results, including keywords, website content, and keeping up to date with current trends. 

SEO Through Google

Google determines the validity of content through its algorithm. The primary stages are as follows:

  • Crawling Google uses crawling bots to find relevant pages for search engines. Links are valuable for Google to see relevant pages to offer someone through a search. The more links on a webpage, the easier it is for a bot to find. 
  • Indexing – Google analyzes web pages and tries to make sense of the content. If there is limited content on a page, Google won’t index it correctly. The best way to improve indexing is to create web pages with relevant written content, images, or various media files. 
  • Serving – Once Google completes crawling and indexing, it can service the person searching for results. It gives different results based on the previous two steps. So it’s essential to work with Google’s algorithm to create high results.

Different Types of SEO

There are various types of SEO that can be implemented into a campaign. It’s important to remember that not all SEO strategies will work for each business. Try different SEO campaigns to see what works best for ultimate results. 

On-Page SEO

Everything that appears on a company’s website should be optimized with SEO. Meaning, keywords, media, and metadata should all have SEO in mind before publishing on the web. Important keywords should be used throughout the website. Metadata should include specific keywords so Google can easily find them in the crawling stage. Lastly, contain links to other websites so Google can easily find your website throughout the entire internet. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is everything that happens away from the main website. A company’s website will rank higher if there are links from other websites directing them back to your main website. For example, a company can pay to display its services on another company’s website. The more backlinks there are from another website, the easier it is for Google to find your company’s site valuable. 

Local SEO

Local SEO targets an audience within a specific area. Instead of national or worldwide scope, local SEO keeps search results closer to home e.g you search Hifz Academy it will show the results near you. A business can implement SEO campaigns shown to people within the area. Local SEO is an effective way to gain loyal local consumers—businesses like local SEO Maryland offer services to companies to perfect local SEO strategies. Take advantage of companies that can put your website at the top of search engine results. 


Search Engine Optimization does not have to be as tricky as it sounds. With the right strategies, it can positively impact your business. Begin an SEO campaign today and start to see significant improvements in sales and traffic to a website.


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