Short Kurta or Long Kurta: Which suits the best and when?


Earlier, kurtas were just worn by the women in the society as it provides utmost comfort but now men are also swamped by the comfort as well as the look Kurtas has to offer. Be it a short kurta or a long kurta, each one has its charm.

The concept of wearing this outfit has changed over the years. Earlier people used to prefer wearing a kurta only during festivals or weddings, an event which was religious. Nowadays men often style it as casual or daily wear with the invention in clothing.

Short Kurta or Long Kurta: Which suits the best and when?

If you are looking for such comfortable kurta’s, both long and short then head on to

With a wide range of options in the styles, colours and materials, one can find a magnificent collection of short kurtas for men. Mentioning a few outfit ideas men can style whenever they are heading for any casual outing:

  • A short kurta for mencan be worn with simple jeans. It gives an extraordinary look. Especially, the men who are a little taller can go with this combination as it reflects a very classy personality.
  • One can also pair it with a simple pajama. It is not only comfortable but also provides ample breathing space, especially during the summers.
  • With Bewakoof’s range of Men’s Solid Knit Kurta, which is available in a variety of colours, one has the access to choose any colour according to their preference. Everyone has different choices and personas and it is vital to decide the outfits accordingly.
  • India is a country primarily consisting of the summer season. Therefore, with the Men’s Printed Cotton Short Kurta one can easily enjoy being themselves, go out, run errands without getting uncomfortable in the clothes they wear.
  • Since florals for men are the talk of the town, one can simply opt for short kurtas with floral prints, that are not only enjoyable but gives a breezy vibe to the entire look. Hangup Men’s Printed Kurta serves this purpose beautifully.

Now let’s talk about the long kurta for men which can simply not go out of style no matter how progressive people get in their clothing styles:

  • Long kurta can be styled with churidar. It is the most traditional way of styling this outfit and people during weddings or other religious events prefer to keep it that way. It not only gives an elegant look but also provides a feeling of homeliness.
  • Since everything is on the road to modernization then why not clothing? Nowadays men can style a long kurta with a pair of jeans with sneakers. You will be in awe to see how cool it looks.
  • Men’s Solid Knit Kurta (long)comes with a collection like never before. Pair it with anything you want and you are good to go.
  • Those who prefer solid colours can also choose from the options, as there is a huge collection of solid coloured kurtas. The colours and the material of the cloth are so good that you would want to come back and shop again.
  • Just in case if you are thinking that one can wear a kurta only in summers then let me clear your doubt. Nothing beats the combination of a long kurta with churidar along with a good pashmina shawl to drape in.

Therefore, be it a short kurta or a long one, it never fails to add to the fashion sense of a person. Bewakoof assures their customers 100% quality and service. The motto is to keep the customers happy and satisfied with their purchase as it is of utmost importance.


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