Significance of detoxification program

Significance of detoxification program

The recovery process requires courage and a personal approach. Once you decide, you put yourself on the road to a new beginning. Drug addiction should be taken as a medical condition and not a weakness. Addiction affects not only the victim but his family and friends as well. With so much going on globally, the stress and depression levels have risen to a record high, and many people have used drugs and alcohol as an escape plan.

With just a simple sip of alcohol, or a pill of ecstasy, you may find yourself deep in addiction, a place that may be very challenging to come out of. The constant chemical influx into the body causes the brain to adapt, and you become addicted. At this moment, the best decision you can make is to go to a detox center and get treatment. This is a selfless decision that shows that you care for yourself, your family, and your friends. The process may take a few months or so, but you will recover eventually. Sometimes it can be very challenging to accept that you have an addiction problem. You constantly hear from friends and family as they try to point out your change of behavior. Some of the apparent signs of addictions are:

  • Quick and frequently agitated 
  • The debts get bigger as you spend more money to satisfy the need for the drug 
  • You detach from family and friends 
  • You develop insomnia 
  • You constantly increase your dosage as the tolerance level increases 
  • High anxiety level and depression 
  • Slurry speech  
  • Drowsiness 

The addictive substance is harmful to the body, thus making the process of detoxification very essential. Therefore, it is best to commit to the detox program fully. It is the first step in recovery, after which you can start learning without drugs. At the beginning of treatment, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stomach cramps, and irritability. It is best to start treatment as soon as possible to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. There are two programs: inpatient and outpatient.

Benefits of inpatient services 

  • Admission to the wellness center where you will get supervised treatment
  • The wellness center is a highly structured facility where you will be closely monitored. 
  • In such a facility, you have all the staff who will help you transform into a rehabilitation program. 
  • The cost of treatment can be covered by insurance. 

Benefits of outpatient services 

  • Regular visits to the facility for scheduled treatment.
  • There are very few restrictions and high exposure to drugs
  • Since you will be going home, there is support from friends and family. 

The general view of the program is: 

Orientation and assessment 

This is the first stage where the doctor examines the extent of damage as the therapist designs the detox program for you. 

Detoxification and monitoring 

After the assessment, the detox program starts immediately. If you are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, medications such as Lexapro can be administered to antagonize the effect of the abused drug. This medication has the same effect as the abused drug but has no side effects. It is best to be in total isolation away from friends and family, especially in the first few days. It is essential to focus on treatment and complete recovery.


For long time treatment, therapy is essential. It can be done through a group or individual appointment. The purpose of therapy is to occupy the mind and the body during the recovery process to avoid any relapse. Sometimes, patients prefer detox kits rather than going for treatment. However, detox kits can be disadvantageous to the patient. 

Disadvantages of a detox kit 

  • High relapse rate since there is no monitoring 
  • Certain ingredients of the kit may be harmful. 
  • Sometimes it may not work. 

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