Step by Step Guide for Drying Cannabis

Luxury cannabis boxes

When we are talking about cannabis, then we are all well aware that if they are not dried well, then it can be a great loss as the whole weed will be in vain. This item needs to be harvested as soon as possible when the breed is fully ready. The drying process is also as long as it takes almost a month. If the drying process is speeding up, then there must be some cause there, and it will entirely change the taste. After the drying process, it needs to be packed inside some kind of boxes, cannabis boxes, which will keep them secure.

Trimming of plants:

The first step involves the trimming of the plant. When all the edges are cut off, then the plant will look more appropriate, and when the weed is altered, then it will be in better shape. If the branches are large enough, then you can cut them too. There should be no airflow, and make sure that the temperature is not that much there nor the light.

Dry them in sealed jars:

When you bring out the buds, then it will be best that you store them inside some nets and let them dry there. They will dry and then bend, but you do not need to worry because, in the process of drying, it will bend. After this step, the chlorophyll will completely rot, and the taste of the weed will be pure. It will be good that if you open the jar for like 10 minutes a day so that the air can pass through them and then seal the jar again.

Interesting facts:

When you are in the drying process, then you need to see if the buds are in the right position or not. You need to take a look at the socks. If the weed is too soft like you have harvested just now, then you need to put them back because it is not dried well. If the timing is not right and you take out the bud late, then the batch will be a waste as the weed will be of the same color and will give the same taste as before. When the timing is right, then you will be able to have a perfect item under your belt.

Other things that you need to care about during the process:

When you are in the process of drying cannabis, then you need to take care of certain things. Like when you are harvesting the plants, then you need to make sure that the soil is dry as the drying will be in an ideal manner. Some people think that it is a drying process, so using the humidifiers will be a smart move though it is not. It will ultimately ruin the whole batch, and you will have nothing in the end. And also, you do not have to use any kind of fans as you need to go with the natural process. Yes, if you have spread any spray over the plant, then do not harvest at that moment as it will be a poisonous item and can cause harm.

Business perspective:

This thing will also be important from a business perspective. After the drying of the weed, it needs to be sold in the market and make sure the packaging should be official so that it does not fall into the wrong hands and may be used for the welfare of human beings. So, here the packaging around the boxes will be quite important and will play a key role. So, after drying, it will be in dire need of care, and that will be ensured by the cannabis boxes in which they will remain safe and secure.

Custom printed boxes:

The boxes come in different printings, and it will be best if we opt for the theme related to weed over it. The boxes will become more appropriate and befitting the occasion and look more impressive. So, the custom printed boxes here will be of lots of benefits. There are enormous kinds of printing, and all of them are liked by people. Therefore, you can opt for any one of those, and the design of the boxes should also be according to the quantity of cannabis. For shifting these boxes to your customers use service to grow your business.


Q: How much time does it take to dry up the weed?

Ans: Well, it just takes a month to dry up the weed. Keep one thing in mind that if the weed is taking less time, then there must be some other factor present there like sunlight or air or anything that will speed up the drying process. It will entirely change the taste of weed like that of chlorophyll.

Q: What are the consequences if the weed is not dried well?

Ans: If the weed is not dried well, then it will have a lot of impact on the business. People will not buy the one which is not dried well, and therefore the whole batch will be a waste. Therefore, drying cannabis is quite important.


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