Steps Involved in Interior Designer St Albans

interior designer ST Albans

Following are the steps involved in the interior designing of the house as:

Architectural design

Once you have a good idea about building project that you have in your mind, the company in interior designer ST Albans can help in getting a plan drawn up. However, they will arrange Architect to visit your home to discuss your ideas, design, and budget in more detail. After a measured survey, the drawings are produced, with alternate options where applicable, and shared with you. The company will sit down with you to discuss any final tweaks about drawings prior to them being submitted to the local authority as part of your planning application.


The architectural design team of the company will guide your project through planning phase by using their experience, knowledge in working with local authorities. The service provided by the company is valuable. Because the team have specific experience regarding build types, locations, local authority insight and will manage this element towards the start of your build.

Constructional designs

With planning approved it’s now down to the finer details of Construction Drawings and Structural Calculations. As an estimate, this can typically take between 2-4 weeks. The company recommend that these important elements are completed after planning has been approved. However, if the planning is rejected then the company would need to reconsider some of the application. Although, objections from the Local Authority and re-submit on your own behalf.

Building regulations

Once the local authority planning approval has been completed, the Construction Drawings are submitted to Building Regulations. Furthermore, planning Permission can take anywhere from 8 weeks. Once you have committed to the company, time waiting for approval can be used to select the finer details of your project. The company will come with full of ideas and work closely with you to run through the specification. This is the exciting part where you can choose your fixtures & fixings and allows you to express your taste with the layout and materials; i.e. kitchen, bathroom, flooring, etc.


Once local authority planning approval has been completed, the Construction Drawings are submitted to Building Regulations. The company will find the approach of using same company for design & build works best for clients as it provides a seamless flow from start to finish.

Steps Involved in Interior Designer St Albans

Services provided by the company

The company will provide you with quality services for everything that you need in interior designing of your house or in case of renovation such as MG Design and Build identifies Interior designer ST Albans. Whether the company is creating your home perfect from scratch or joining you on the journey to maximize your living space. Although, there is something else unique to you, that the company deliver it all with a professional, friendly and trustworthy service you won’t find elsewhere. Some of the services of interior designing are as follows:

New build

Taking on a new build project by the company is exhilarating but can also feel overwhelming. But they work together from the outset, long before any building work takes place. From choosing the right plot, to design, planning and build. We believe a beautiful space deserves an equally beautiful interior. So, the company can help you achieve this with an interior design service available with all our builds.


From the smallest of extensions to complete new builds, the company will work with fully qualified and experienced architects. These architects, who deliver a bespoke and innovative design and planning service.


Extensions are popular and are at the core of Design and Build. Guiding you from the outset. The company will manage your expectations from a vision and budget perspective on what is possible and what is not.


Refurbishments and renovations come in many different disguises and the company can help transform your home. Whether residential or commercial, the company will scope out the work required. That take your ideas from concept to design, to architectural drawings, planning, and regulations to build.


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