Stylish window Moulding designs Ideas for Appealing Your Home


In this Article we will discuss window moulding design ideas that will help you turn your home’s windows into an interior feature even before you start dressing them. We cover all the essentials and more. Keep Reading!

When we are thinking about decorating windows we often start to think about drapes and curtains as the dressing. But we often totally forget an essential element and that is the interior window trim. It might not be as exciting as choosing new fabrics for the drapes, but this feature alone can increase the appeal and value of your home substantially.

Window Apron

A window apron one of the best window moulding designs, it is a decorative trim installed against the wall below the stool of the window. It hides unsightly gaps and serves decorative purposes. It is a decorative and functional feature. Aprons add detail and a finished look to your windows.

Craftsman Baseboard

A baseboard is relevant to window designs in one of two cases. First, it becomes part of the trim if the windows are floor to ceiling. And secondly, the craftsman baseboard complements the interior design with window moulding designs by adding more architectural interest.

Window Ledge

A window ledge is a surface at the bottom of a window. This surface needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The window ledge is prime real estate. Do not overlook the opportunity to enhance the ledge. You can enhance it using potted plants and bamboo cuttings.

Modern Window Trim

To create a modern home design, you need a modern window trim. Your trim details speak volumes of your overall interior design. The following are five simple modern window trim ideas:

  • Drywall returns.
  • Flat stock trim
  • Reveal
  • No trim
  • Jamb extensions and thin trim

Final words

There are many houses with windows trim. Trimming your windows play vital role to enhance the beauty & value of your home. You can find other creative ways of enhancing your house window trims as there are available variety of ways. So, apply Stylish window moulding designs Ideas for Appealing the look of your Home.


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