Often times, our work can become so important in our lives that we tend to forget everything else. Our desire to succeed professionally is so great that we even forget ourselves and completely ignore the personal and work balance.

New technologies that allow employees to be available 24 hours a day. The fear of losing their job and the harmful culture of work have turned workdays into endless moments of stress in which it becomes increasingly difficult to reach a work and personal balance.

However, all experts agree on one thing: having a personal and professional balance has positive effects on physical, mental, and even professional health.

The advantages of work and personal balance not only benefit employees, who may see their stress levels reduced. In addition, those employers who guarantee personal and professional balance in their work centers obtain in return more loyal, more productive workers and less absenteeism.

Although personal and work balance can mean different things to each individual, health and work specialists agree to follow certain strategies to achieve work-life balance.


Instant messaging and email have created expectations of availability at all hours and the work day seems to have no end. That is why for personal and work balance it is necessary to turn off the phone and enjoy the moment. By not reacting to cell phone notifications, you will forge a habit of resilience that will make you more tolerant of stress; the first step to achieve personal and work balance.

Say goodbye to perfectionism

Many outstanding workers develop perfectionist tendencies from an early age. When young, they are easy to maintain, but as they get older and the work becomes more complicated, perfection becomes impossible. The secret to work balance is to leave perfectionism behind and welcome excellence, which is not “perfect” but enough.

Exercise and meditation

Every day we find time for the most important things in life such as eating, cleaning and relaxing, but when we seek personal and work balance, we sometimes forget two crucial activities: exercise and meditate. Just take a few minutes every day to exercise your body and calm your mind. It can be in the morning or at night, the goal is to wake up your parasympathetic nervous system and get your body going while you relieve yourself of stress.

Don’t waste your time

A great way to achieve work and personal balance is to prioritize your activities and distinguish between the necessary and the expendable ones. This way you will be able to identify which are the truly important tasks and which ones you shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes of your time on.

Start with small actions

New habits seem out of proportion when we are starting them, but this is because we visualize the entire task instead of dividing it into parts. To achieve a balance between work and personal life, it is only necessary to divide our goal into small tasks that we can accomplish every day.

There is no perfect work and personal balance

When we talk about personal and professional balance, we can imagine having an extremely productive work day, leaving early and spending the rest of the afternoon with family and friends. Unfortunately, this will not always be possible, work and free time may vary from week to week, so it is important that you identify your times and be able to adapt to constant changes to achieve your goals.

It is important to remember that, although we cannot always have personal and professional balance, at the end of the day it is we who have the greatest responsibility: our own lives.

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Dan Matteucci has established worldwide fame and reputation through immense hard work in the fields of acting, modelling, and fitness training. His versatility and achievements in different fields of work add up to his notability across the world. His passion for fitness training makes him a top-class health trainer. Dan believes that keeping a balance between his acting career and fitness routine is the key to his success. His success story in the fitness sector makes him a widely known fitness model and trainer for several ambitious actors.


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