These’re 5 most common misconceptions about eliquid packaging


The e-liquid packaging is not simple packaging, but it is quite an exclusive one and specific to certain products. It proffers a greater piece of flexibility that proves helpful in speaking the persona of items and the brand. It provides enhanced security standards and is manufactured from cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated cardstock. Tapping on its customization features and high-end printing abilities allow you to design it as per your needs. But, unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about this packaging which are true near to many people. Check out the five basic myths in this write-up and clear your concepts. 

Safety standard is not extraordinary:

The e-liquids are highly susceptible to dangerous contaminants. The bottles in which they are packed are also delicate. These glass bottles can break upon the exposure of even the minimal physical impacts or, due to mishandling issues. Owing to this high degree of fragility, people are often led to believe that eliquid boxes are incapable of protection. Made from cardboard, they have excellent barrier properties that keep the detrimental toxins away from the elusive items. The weight is often the parameter for many people to determine the protection potential of the packages. So, do you think that the metal boxes that are heavier in weight can maintain the temperature inside? The cardboard is resistant to the temperature effects, and upon its perfect lamination, it provides moisture-resistant properties as well.

Cost is much higher:

One of the great misconceptions that often discourage manufacturers from going for eliquid boxes is that they are costly. The utilization of economical materials in their preparation simply negates this claim of people. The printing costs are not expensive at all as well, and they decrease with the increasing order size. Of course, you need to pay for printing plates, but it is only a one-time investment. The setup plates are reusable and make sure the provision of high-quality printing. These costs are dependent on the size of a company’s inventory. The more you deal with the packages on a large scale, the lesser will be the price of printing an individual box. The prices are affordable for startups or small-scale operations as compared to other options of labels, stickers, etc.


The raised environmental concerns are the reason why eco-minded people see every other packaging dubiously. The custom eliquid boxes are no exception, and they are often rendered unfriendly towards the environment. Those doubting the environmental friendliness of these packages must know that they are made from post-consumer content. The cardboard is used in their making with no additional effects of dyes or coatings that make it fully recyclable. It means that these boxes never end up adding to the waste pollution in the landfills as many packages do. Not just that, but they also prove influential in putting a halt to the release of toxic carbon compounds in the atmosphere. When you see alternative options such as plastics, they take hundreds of years to decompose and cannot be recycled. Looking at these constructive and eco-friendly traits, there should not be any doubt about their role in promoting sustainability. 

They are all the Same:

Well, this misconception is really common in the industry, which is not a great thing at all. Whilst it is true that the custom eliquid boxes are made from the same materials, but they differ in other aspects. Take the example of the size; for instance, all the packages are specifically designed as per the dimensions of bottles carrying e-liquids. Similarly, they have varying shapes that are customized in accordance with the likings and demands of the people. They are available in a plethora of color options as compared to typical packaging solutions. They are originally brown in color solely because to make them easy to reproduce for different purposes. But, clear your concept that they can be customized in all the different color options as per brand requirements. Exciting color models such as CMYK and PMS can be exploited to make these packages excitingly beautiful. 

The Promotional Potential is Insufficient:

A closer look at the market situation enables us to understand the nature of competition among different contenders. Only the apt advertising and promotional strategies can help the businesses to earn a place greater than others. One might develop a notion that the e-liquid packages are incapable of doing effective marketing. But, the real side of the picture is that they are an efficacious medium for launching all the promotional efforts. As a product manufacturer, you can make them look on-brand with the help of customization and printing options. From the delivery person to the doors of clients, the uniquely printed branded elements expose your brand to the people. A catchy slogan or a smart tagline might stay in the mind of the public, who will be able to recall you. You can also communicate the essential benefits of e-liquid items through this unique platform for more sales. 

With each passing day, the number of misconceptions is increasing regarding printing services near me. It discourages the manufacturers of e-liquid products from taking maximum benefits. You need to clear all your apprehensions in this regard so as to earn the ultimate triumph. This packaging is solid, robust, unique, cost-savvy, and can be varied according to needs.


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