This is How You Launch Your Web Design Business


I know starting your web design business can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn and changes in the industry come constantly. For over 10 years I have been helping web designers build their skillset and even launch their businesses. During that time, we have fine-tuned our training to not only give beginning web designers the tools for success but even better, we give you the edge on the competition.

I just got the following email from one of our students…

“Conrad, you don’t know me but I took your course. The funny thing is…I never turned in my homework for a good reason. I wanted to master it and not just be graded for effort. I turned your training into a $116,000 yearly business with no competition. As a matter of fact, I’m in the process of creating a sister company to a very secured niche. Your program is the best. However, the student must separate himself from the pack.” – Jose Lopez. Web design business is an online business, so in order to make it successful you must learn online marketing, you should cover all the basics and pros of internet marketing or digital marketing, you should learn article marketing and also have the ability to rephrase articles and publish them for your benefit. For this, an online tool can help you a lot.

You will notice that Jose mentions that he has no competition. Wait a minute, isn’t web design extremely competitive? Not if you understand positioning and learn how to separate yourself from the competition.

One of the mistakes made by beginning web designers is assuming their design skills alone will bring them a flood of new clients. In reality, it takes a combination of design, marketing, and business skills to succeed. One of the web design business skills we teach is how to position yourself as a “preferred provider.” That means that your prospects see you as the clear choice over your competition.

How do you position your web design business?

Well, one easy way to do that is to focus on a specific niche. That is what Jose has done with great success. When you focus on a particular niche market, it becomes much easier to close deals. Just imagine that you are competing with 5 other web designers for a restaurant project. If you are known as the “restaurant web design expert” and have built over 10 restaurant websites, who do you think is more likely to win the project? A niche also makes you an expert in that field, the owners or companies always prefer to hire a niche specialist. Similarly, if you go for a job interview and apply for the post of marketing manager for a construction business and the candidates are from different backgrounds such as; marketing manager at the grocery store, marketing manager at the restaurant, obviously, the company is most probably for a marketing manager background in construction and the candidate in the same niche would be preferred.


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