Tips by an experienced Faculty CA Anny Middha, to Crack CA Foundation in One Go

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Dreams are always hard to achieve and that is what makes them special. Do you want to clear the CA foundation exam in one go? Then the first thing you must have in yourself is the passion to achieve your dream. Now, you must be wondering how one can crack it in one go? Then the answer is simple, your strategy defines where you will land. 

Let’s have a look at the tips which can help you to crack the exam. 

The Do’s 

1) Plan your study

The first and foremost thing to do is to plan your study. You can start your planning by dividing the syllabus into chunks and then allot time to parts as per the date of your exam. In this way, your whole syllabus will be covered in time and there will be room for revision.

2) Understand the concepts 

Cramming won’t take you far in your journey to success. To be successful you have to understand the concepts rather than cramming them.You can take help of an expert from a renowned CA coaching institute to understand the concepts. It is said that when you cram a thing it can stay in your brain for a few days, months but if you understand it won’t ever leave you. 

If your concepts are clear then you will be able to memorise everything in the exam. Is there any better thing you can expect from your brain?

3) Take breaks 

Don’t try to exhaust yourself. The first thing is to develop a habit of managing the time and giving your brain some rest. Are you wondering how you can give yourself a break? 

Then simple, study for 2 hours then give yourself a break of 5-10 minutes and repeat this. In this way, your mind will remain fresh and it will grasp things more quickly. Plus you can keep Sunday off

An exhausted mind won’t lead you anywhere. You will feel like you are just reading and your mind is retaining nothing.

4) Start from your weak area

Your weak areas will haunt you at the last moment. So, it is better to start with them and make them strong ones. You might need to put more effort but the result will be in your favour. You can take some professional guidance. 

5) Practice mock test 

Practice makes a man perfect. This applies to cracking this exam also. There are many benefits of taking mock tests such as 

You will learn to manage time 

You get familiar with the pattern 

Quick revision 

For practice, you can join the test series of the best CA coaching institution available in your area. If you are living in Chandigarh then RMS is the right choice for you. They believe in results and are known as the best CA coaching institute in Chandigarh. 

The Don’ts

1) Don’t spend time on watching Tv 

Tv, phone, video games, and so on are the distractors which can waste numerous hours. To save yourself from this you have to keep your distance from all these. 

2) Don’t get nervous

Nervousness is common if you appear for the nation-level test or even college test but it can ruin you. In nervousness the human mind tends to go blank and you won’t be able to memorise anything. 

Major nervousness can happen at two points

While revising or preparing 

While sitting in the exam 

The solution for the first one is, to repeat the four magical words ‘I CAN DO THIS’ even if you think you won’t be able to cover the syllabus then also focus on what you know. Revise that part instead of starting something new. Your mind will believe what you tell it. Instead of being negative, see things from an optimistic point of view. 

And the solution to the second one is that if you don’t know the first 5 questions that don’t mean you will fail. You might know the answer to the next twenty. But if you get nervous then you won’t be able to recall the others also and then you will fail for sure. 

So, don’t let nervousness snatch what you deserve. 

3) Don’t compromise with your sleeping cycle 

A fresh mind can learn things quickly but if you are compromising with your sleep then your mind won’t be able to retain things. 

So, take a good amount of sleep. Ideally speaking your sleep must be 7 – 8 hours.

The final thought 

Your handwork plus your attitude will decide the final result. Just keep the tips in mind and you can conquer whatever you want. Expert guidance can make you achieve what you have always dreamed of. And if you are looking for such an institute that can provide you with the best faculty then RMS is the place for you. They have helpful advice and strategy for their students to crack the exam. Moreover, their CA test series are really helpful to get the best CA results. 

Get yourself enrolled with RMS and enjoy the journey which will lead you to the beautiful destiny of success. 


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