Tips for Your Instagram Marketing Strategy


Instagram is one of the most powerful and most visible networks today, and it does not stop growing with new options such as IGTV. So why not take advantage of it in your Instagram marketing strategies? In this post we will give you tips, tricks and tools so that your business benefits from this constantly growing social network.

Get ready for Instagram marketing with the business profile

Now this social network allows you to create a brand or business profile, in addition to your personal profile. Of course, you will have to have a Facebook page to be able to link the account. What are the advantages of a business profile on Instagram?

  • It allows you to add a direct contact button to your email.
  • You can put the geolocation, which will give visibility to your company.
  • You have the option to put the type of brand or the category of your business.
  • It offers you fairly complete analytics of followers and posts.
  • You can promote paid posts without leaving the application.

As you can see, everything is focused on facilitating the relationship of your target with your brand and giving it visibility in a simple and effective way. With a business profile you can start thinking about your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Take advantage of your Instagram business profile

The users of this social network are usually under 35 years old, it is good to take this into account when thinking about publications, not only in content but also in form. When you have already created your business account, you must follow some steps before you start promoting it and planning your marketing strategy on Instagram. These are basic tips but they will come in handy for your newly created professional Instagram.

  • Take advantage of the profile to give the maximum of information with an easy to remember username, a photo related to your brand and the necessary description and contact in the bio.
  • Share your posts on other networks, at least at the beginning, so that everyone knows that now you are also on Instagram.
  • Follow users related to your activity and target audience, many of them will follow you back.
  • Search and use the most relevant hashtags in your sector, in this way they will find you potential clients.

Good practices to be successful with your marketing strategy on Instagram

Although there is no magic recipe to create the definitive marketing strategy on Instagram and that your posts and stories are the best and will make you get followers and likes at all costs, you can take into account some tips to improve your account.

  • Geolocation: using it in your posts will make them appear in the searches of the place in question. Also, putting geolocation will increase engagement.  
  • Interaction: you are on a social network, so be social! Comment on the photos of your followers and respond to the comments they make. You will generate good vibes and trust with your community.
  • The best time: the business profile allows you to see what time your followers connect the most. Take advantage of it to post at specific times to have more impact on them.
  • What they want to see: always keep in mind what your followers want to see, and not just what you want to show or what you would like to see. In Instagram it works very well to show things from within, the creative processes.

Tools that will make it easier for you to create your marketing plan on Instagram

According to animated explainer agency For a business account to be successful you must plan your marketing strategy on Instagram well. Luckily, there are plenty of tools to make your job easier. We have selected a few depending on whether they are for the design of the posts, their management or the data that we want to get from them.


Canva: surely the most popular tool to create your posts easily. It allows you to choose the size of the publication and add frames, icons, text and many other ideas that will make your feed shine.

A color story: is an editor that allows you to retouch your photos with more than 100 filters and effects that will give a very cool touch of color to your posts.

InShots: if your thing is to post videos, this tool is designed for you. In shots is a video editor that allows you to add music, put your brand on them, and blur them and many other functions that will make your videos triumph both in the feed and in the stories.


Hootsuite: it is one of the star tools to plan your posts (and it also works for Facebook). Organize them, schedule them for later, or post them instantly. And also, you can check the statistics from the same site. An essential tool for a good marketing plan on Instagram.

Repost: a great app to repost the posts that you like the most. Improve your feed by publishing interesting images or videos from other sources mentioning the original author.

Instagram Feed Planner: if you have a website made with WordPress, this plugin will be great for you. You can create one or more feeds with different accounts to display images on your website and in this way give visibility to your Instagram profile.

All hashtag: this tool is a hashtag search engine that will serve you for different social networks in addition to Instagram. By entering the keywords related to your sector, it will give you the best hashtags for your publications.


Iconsquare: with this application you will get all the information you need about the activity of your account such as the growth of followers, the hashtags that work the most, and much more. With these data, planning your marketing strategy on Instagram will be much easier.

Instagram Insights: this tool designed for Instagram business accounts will give you the necessary statistics to see the general performance of your brand, information about your posts and your followers, and more.

If you play your cards right with your new business profile, creating a successful Instagram marketing strategy will be a piece of cake. With perseverance and patience you will see how your followers increase and the likes and comments will rain on you.


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