Top 3 Processes of Alloy Wheels Refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbishment

When looking here and there for refurbishing your cheap tyres Ireland, you need to carefully consider that the refurbishment technique you choose is utilized to cover a varied number of processes, which generally include the following:

1.    Powder Coating Process

Also famously known for its wet spray combination, the popular powder coating process of entire alloy wheels Ireland is mainly utilized for total color changes, or somehow to return the wheel into their original finishing covering the loss of damage that occurred to them. In addition, this process involved the complete alloy wheel refurbishment which can only be achieved in specialist ovens having high-temperature ranges. To some extent, it may also require specialized equipment for removing old paint coatings. However, this process gives an exceptional and durable finish to your alloy wheels by repairing damaged, removing corrosion, and reapplying a new paint coat. 

Alloy wheel refurbishment

2.    Diamond Cutting Process

The second famous technique for the refurbishment of cheap tyres Laois is diamond cutting. Nevertheless, it is almost similar to the previously mentioned powder coating refurbishment technique. But in this process, there is an amazing addition of a precise diamond-cut lathe machine which remarkably removes every micro-section of the extra metal to present a classic diamond cut wheel finishing. 

3.    Cosmetic or SMART Repairing Process 

The third most popular alloy wheel refurbishment process is the SMART or cosmetic repair process which is generally considered a localized repair to a minor section of damage to have a neat and clean wheel finish. The color utilized for repairing is mostly matched to the existing finish so that no one can get a clue of any previous damage that occurred to your alloy wheels. 

Alloy wheels

Which alloy wheels refurbishment lasts the longest?

In general powder coating and diamond cutting refurbishment, techniques have reliable results and usually last for a longer time. While the cosmetic repairs usually last for a less long time as they are just on a specified part of the wheel instead of being wholly refurbished. 

However, the timing mainly depends on their usage. The reason is simple when you refurbish your cheap tyres Laois fully, then the whole tyre is completely sealed. As with the diamond cutting and powder coating techniques, the wheels are fully refurbished and coated with lacquer to prevent further damage. But in the case of cosmetic repairs, the wheel gets sealed in only a specified portion, so there is always a chance of damage occurring to any other part of the tyre while driving on a rough road. 

Thus, most commonly it is recommended to opt for a process that offers complete alloy wheel refurbishment, rather than wasting time and money on frequent small cosmetic repairs.  

How To Maintain Your Refurbished Cheap Tyres Ireland Afterwards? 

The best tyre specialists serving in reliable companies like Rathdowney Quick Fit never recommend the use of jet washes on their vehicles utilizing acidic cleaning solutions or some propriety alloy wheel cleaners, as both of them are particularly designed for unlacquered and polished alloy wheels Ireland. In addition, they both somehow contain acid-based cleaners in them that directly attack the lacquer coats and break them within just a few minutes. 

However, you may opt to choose a mild detergent like a regular washing liquid mixed in some hot water. After taking alloy wheel refurbishment services, washing them with such gentle cleaners to maintain their refurbished look for a prolonged time will be enough once a week. 

Furthermore, a few tyre specialists may also suggest applying wax to your refurbished to protect them from dirt and grime that gets stuck in the wheels during driving on rough roads. 


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