Top 4 Laminate Features that Make it Ideal for Schools & Colleges


Creating the perfect interior for any building can be quite a daunting task. A lot of thought process goes into decorating any space. Decorative laminate sheets are the new favourite of everyone for creating stunning interiors. Laminate sheets are surfacing materials used to cover any surface starting from walls, floors, and kitchen tops to cabinets. The availability of a wide array of laminate designs makes it so easy to fit seamlessly with any theme. When it comes to decorative laminate sheets, one of the best brands in India is undoubtedly Royale touche laminates. We are here to offer you laminate sheets in various colours, designs, patterns and textures. Moreover, we offer customisation in case you do not find the right match in our laminate catalogue.

Such high-pressure laminate sheets are in huge demand due to their cost-effective nature, durability and longevity. These are perfect alternatives to other more expensive surfacing materials like wood, stone, paint, marbles or granites. Use laminate sheets for redecorating your old worn-out walls or just to amp that little dull corner of your house. 

Laminate sheets are an amalgamation of phenolic resins and layers of thin brown paper. Phenolic resin-soaked brown papers are dried and compressed using a hydraulic press to transform them into sturdy and durable decorative laminate sheets. They are easy to install and maintain without spending a lot.

Among the several styles and designs, the most popular ones are

  • High gloss laminate
  • Wood laminate
  • Textured laminate
  • Acrylic laminate
  • Matte finish laminates
  • Exterior laminate
  • Antibacterial laminate

Top features that make laminate sheets ideal to use inside schools and colleges

The ambience of any institution is as important as the faculty and other facilities. Create impressive interiors inside schools and colleges with the help of decorative laminate sheets. The variations in textures, colours and designs make these surfacing materials apt to use anywhere. 

  • Suitable for covering a wide area within a budget

Most schools and colleges or other educational institutions, often have a tight budget and always look for more affordable options in everything. Considering that laminate sheets are great for use in various segments of a school or college as they are not expensive at all. Generally, educational institutional buildings are large structures having multiple classrooms, corridors and offices. Covering every inch of the building with wood or paint is not at all an economic option. Whereas laminates will cost a lot less than other surfacing materials even if you use them for covering most of the area. 

  • Design the interior of different departments accordingly 

A school or a college building comprises several classrooms, science labs, seminar rooms, offices, staff rooms and corridors. Different spaces mandate a distinct interior set-up than the other. 

For corridor floors, the matte finish laminates are a suitable choice as they are anti-slip. Several people will walk through the corridors throughout the day. Having a slip-resistant floor is necessary to avoid any accident from happening.

For waiting rooms, you can use solid coloured laminates in high shine to make them appear vibrant. Wood laminates on the other hand are appropriate for using inside an office for creating a more formal look.

For classrooms use chalk and marker grade laminates. The stain-proof laminates will make it an easy job to wipe any marker ink down easily. Science labs and computer labs should be decorated with hard laminates that can carry weight and can withstand any chemical spill.

Other areas of a school or college building include a cafeteria and restrooms. Use various laminate sheets with graphic designs or textures on them for giving it an edgy and modern look to it.

  • Minimum installation time

You cannot dismiss classes for a very long time regarding some renovation in a school or college. Therefore, the less time it requires to complete the whole redoing, the better. The installation time of laminate sheets is minimum. They do not require any elaborate prepping time and the application process is also pretty fast which means fewer classes will be dismissed.

  • Hassle-free maintenance

The interior of  Educational institutions undergoes extensive use daily. That means they need to be cleaned regularly to keep them clean and fresh. Laminate sheets are extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is just wipe it down with a clean damp cloth. Just make sure not to use any harsh chemical or abrasive material for cleaning the surface. 


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