Top 6 tourist attractions in Shanghai

Top 6 tourist attractions in Shanghai
Top 6 tourist attractions in Shanghai

Are you waiting for the most exciting scenic and sightseeing chance as a traveller? Shanghai, China’s largest city can be the utmost choice for you.

Though it has a population density of greater than 24 million, it has numerous historic districts and places to visit alongside.

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Let us find out the various tourist attractions and things you can do as a traveller here. It can be the best place to explore as a solo traveller or travel with your family or friends.

So, in order to help you plan the most authentic tour, let’s explore the most famous tourist attractions in Shanghai.

      A Garden to treasure: Yu Garden

Imagine getting happiness from the gardens? Surely you can! In the northeast of the old town is the outstanding garden called the Garden of Happiness? Nature and greenery can surely bring happiness.

The immense green space covers the area, which is more than 2000 square meters and consists of the outer and inner garden. The primitive portion of the garden is Outer Garden, and it is being made in the 18th century when Sansui Tang, the park’s main hall, was added here.

The building is quite impressive and consists of unique roof ornaments, window openings and dragon-decorated walls.

The garden is a must-visit place to explore as it is a perfect blend of greenery and beautiful architecture.

Statue of Buddha- Of Jade Buddha Temple

The place is in the Anyuan Lu district of Shanghai. the most popular Jade Buddha Temple consists of two Shakyamuni statues.

The most outstanding architecture is the Halls of the Kings of Heaven, known for its statues of the four heavenly kings and the Twi Shakyamuni sculptures.

You can get glimpses of Buddhism here with the collection of Buddhist manuscripts.

It’s a place best to explore to enjoy the immense beauty of Buddhism. United Airlines Flight Booking can be checked for reservations beforehand.

Explore the Chinese Culture- Shanghai Museum

If you love exploring the Historic moments, the museum is the perfect place to explore!

The museum is founded in 1952, and it is one of the most important museums of classical Chinese Art. Apart from its iconic structure, the museum also has ink drawings, calligraphy, seals, and immense art collections and ethnic minorities.

 It also has collections of jade, coins, and furnishings from the Ming and Qing periods, i.e., 1368 to 1912.

It’s the best place to explore and learn about historical moments. Looking for in-budget travel here. Check out the best deals while booking United Airlines Tickets.

Enjoy the glimpses from the Oriental Pearl Tower.

If you love the glimpse of the busy river from the top, this one is just for you! It is 468 meters from Oriental Pearl Radio and the TV tower. You can enjoy the 15 views, which include the Sightseeing Floor and the Space City. It revolves around the restaurant with excellent views.

If you can’t make up the tower, you can enjoy the view at night when the whole structure is lit up, and it more or less looks like lightning and bright show.

For all those Shopaholics- Nanjing Road is For You!

Are you a person who likes to shop until you drop? Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s major shopping street.

There are massive pedestrian-friendly streets, and one can find all the consumable types of consumer goods. There are also street vendors who sell the associated Chinese souvenirs to the costly boutiques. It also has many shopping malls and departmental stores. Apart from this, it has the busiest street.

 It consists of various restaurants and the times and also a hub for the street performances. It can be fun if people visit here mostly during the Chinese New Year, where the streets are full of festivities and fireworks.

Another point where a shopaholic can explore is Xintiandi, a pedestrian zone, and it has quite a great stuff to explore and buy.

Above are the best places to explore in Shanghai and enrich in the historical memories and experience good picturesque surroundings!

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