Unilever to proceed producing teabags after Sariwangi bankrupt

Unilever to proceed producing teabags after Sariwangi bankrupt (1)

Unilever, the consumer goods company, is to continue producing teabags after a court ruling in Indonesia that did not approve of a bankruptcy filing by one of its suppliers.

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Section: Unilever to proceed producing teabags after Sariwangi bankrupt.

Takeaway: Unilever has decided to proceed with its production plans for tea bags following an Indonesian court ruling that did not approve of a bankruptcy filing by one of its suppliers. The decision means that workers will not be laid off, which would have been the case if production had been halted. The company will now turn to another supplier instead.

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teabags sariwangi bankrupt

Teabags are a staple of the tea-drinking world, and yet there is still some confusion about their origin. Did they start in India? China? The UK? As it turns out, this culinary invention was developed by Unilever in Indonesia.

In the early 20th century, the British East India Company wanted to find a way to transport tea without having it constantly spill out of its packaging during transportation. They created a paper bag filled with individual tea leaves and sealed together with string or wire at one end. The idea caught on: teabags were cheap, easy (no need for boiling water or special brewing devices) and could be mass-produced quickly.

Tea was a popular drink in the UK and America, but it was still considered a luxury item. Unilever found that by packaging tea teabags sariwangi-bankrupt in small, inexpensive bags they could sell it at lower prices and make more money. The teabag was born!

The popularity of teabags spread quickly, and soon people around the world were enjoying their tea in bags. In the U.S., most people used teabags in a mug or cup with hot water. The British, however, prefer their tea from a teapot on a tray with biscuits or sweets (called “high tea”).

Today, most tea is still sold in teabags. Many people will buy loose leaf teas and use their own infuser to brew the leaves.

But there’s still a place for teabags in modern society. They are easy to make and store, which makes them a great choice for busy people or those who don’t have much experience with tea.


With its new partnership with PT Sariwangi, Unilever is looking forward to continuing production of teabags and other products. The company also has plans to expand their coconut oil production in Indonesia.


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