US Visa For British and Spanish Citizens


Before you begin your application for a US Visa for British Citizens and US Visa for Spanish Citizens, you need to understand the requirements for nonimmigrant travel. These requirements are a combination of legal residency in the United Kingdom and Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) authorization. This authorization will determine your eligibility for travel to the U.S. for business or tourism purposes. In addition, British citizens must have a permanent address in the UK.

Documentary requirements

The US Visa application for British & Spanish citizens has specific requirements for visas. The British and Spanish government requires a certain amount of documentation from citizens who wish to visit the US. This includes a valid passport and at least one blank page. The passport must also contain a recent passport photo (about 5×5 cm). To apply for a US visa, upload a digital photograph to the online application form using the DS-160. You need not submit another photo if you already uploaded one. If you have a US visa for a previous visit, bring your older passport to the interview.

UK passport holders must present an ACRO certificate. Medical certificates must be from a registered medical practitioner and have a Hague Apostille. Documents must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. Hague Apostille legalizes the signatures of the signatories of a certificate. Solicitors and notaries do not legalise signatures. A sworn translator must be registered in Spain.

Scope of travel

When it comes to travel visas, there are many different categories. British and Spanish citizens, for example, need a US visa only for business purposes. Other categories of travelers require a US visa for other reasons. However, the majority of the people need a US visa for personal reasons. Listed below are some of the most common types of travel visas. They will help you to decide if a US visa is right for you.

The first requirement for applying for a US visa is to have an unrestricted permanent abode in the UK. You will also need to have an authorization on the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) system, operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, to determine your eligibility for business or tourism purposes. Once you’ve gathered the necessary documentation, you can apply for a US visa.


The validity of a US visa depends on the purpose for which the visitor is traveling. For instance, an applicant can use a B visa for a short visit to see relatives or friends, or for short-term business meetings. An E visa, on the other hand, requires the applicant to work or invest in the USA. This type of visa is also used by individuals wishing to engage in international trade or investment activities, and to attend official events.

The US government has recently implemented an electronic system called ESTA to screen foreign travelers entering the United States. This system was implemented after the September 11 2001 attacks and is now live. To apply for a US visa, applicants must fill out a questionnaire containing personal details and contact information. Applicants must also have a clean record and no criminal convictions. For Spanish citizens, the validation period is 90 days.

Requirements for non-immigrant visa

If you’re a British or Spanish citizen, you may be wondering what the requirements are for a non-immigrant visa to Spain. First, you’ll need to prove your identity. While most people can prove their identity through biometric passports and compatible smartphones, some may need to visit a Visa Application Centre to provide fingerprints and a photograph. You’ll also need to meet certain financial requirements, depending on your destination and the type of study.

To qualify, you must hold a valid passport for at least six months beyond the time of your intended stay in the United States. Certain countries are exempt from this requirement. You should also have at least one blank page of your passport. For British and Spanish citizens, the B2 visa is the best option for most purposes. You’ll be required to prove that you have strong ties to the United Kingdom before being granted the visa.


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