Ways To Honor Your High School Senior

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Your high school senior has come a long way in his or her education, so it is fitting to honor him or her. You can do this in many different ways according to your senior’s interests, but read on for a few ideas.

Capture the Moment

Begin by scheduling your student for senior portrait photography northwestern PA. Purchase a package of photographs in several poses and styles, but don’t stop there. Also, take candid shots throughout the school year at events and even of daily activities. Then put the best ones together into a scrapbook. Your senior might be a little embarrassed now, but later on, he or she will greatly appreciate your efforts to preserve wonderful memories.

Throw a Party

It is, of course, traditional to throw your senior a graduation party, and this is an excellent way to honor him or her. But you might also think about hosting a more intimate party for your senior some time during the school year. Senior year can be stressful, after all, and your student might need a boost. You could gather some of your senior’s best friends for something as simple as an evening of movies and popcorn, or you could take your senior out for a special dinner with family members. Make sure your senior knows that you value the hard work he or she has been doing.

Give a Special Gift

Finally, you can honor your senior with a special gift. There are many possibilities here, and your senior could certainly give you some ideas. Try to choose something that will be useful to your senior but also enjoyable and compatible with his or her interests. A new computer or tablet might be a good choice, or you might put together a set of dorm room necessities (with a few special treats) for your college-bound senior.

Your high school senior is setting out on a new adventure, so provide him or her with memories, support and lots of love.


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