What Does Code P0700 Mean?

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P0700 is a diagnostic trouble code that denotes a problem with the transmission control module of your car. This device keeps an eye on your gearbox and coordinates gear changes with the Engine Control Module and Powertrain Control Module. Any contemporary automatic transmission must have it.

A check engine light will turn on when a vehicle’s PCM discovers a major operational defect in one of its relevant modules to alert the driver to the problem.

The code P0700 indicates that the transmission’s control system, which is used to send and receive information, is operating incorrectly in a vehicle.

A problem of this kind typically impairs a transmission’s capacity to perform as planned. As a result, the impacted vehicle usually switches to “limp mode,” which reduces its power until the underlying problem is fixed.

Symptoms of Code P0700

The P0700 error code has different symptoms depending on the type of car. The following are the P0700 problem code’s most typical symptoms:

Several of the most typical signs and symptoms linked to the diagnostic problem code P0700 are listed below:

  • Shifting issues
  • Poor engine performance 
  • Intermittent driveability problems
  • Check engine light illumination
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Engine stalling
  • Slipping transmission
  • Onset of failsafe or “limp” mode
  • Additional transmission codes

Causes of Code P0700

Any transmission issue might literally be indicated by the P0700 error code. You must also read the TCM’s codes in order to obtain further details. The most frequent root causes of the diagnostic issue code P0700 are as follows:

  1. Damaged valve body 
  2. Defective shift solenoids 
  3. Defective transmission control module (TCM)
  4. Broken wirings to the transmission 
  5. Damaged wires between the TCM and ECM 
  6. Low transmission fluid level 

How to diagnose the P0700 code?

  1. Connect the scan tool to the car and look for any active codes. P0700 is typically not found by itself.
  2. Examine all the freeze frame information for each code to determine the conditions behind the Check Engine Light’s activation.
  3. After that, erase the code and put the car through a road test to duplicate the issue.
  4. Following this, the transmission and any associated wire harnesses need to undergo a visual check. 
  5. There is a chance that there is a problem with the cabling between the ECM and TCM if your diagnostic tool was once capable of reading data from the transmission control module but is now completely unable to interact with the TCM.
  6. Use a scan tool to track transmission data while traveling, such as actuator functioning and the state of the valve body. It might also be a power-ground issue, a CAN-bus issue, or a fried TCM.
  7. It’s a good idea to check the transmission fluid in your car as well. Make sure this fluid is filled to its maximum operational level and that neither its colour nor its smell has a burnt, unpleasant quality.

Repair Cost of P0700 Code 

The cost of correcting the P0700 error code depends on the model of your car, the cost of labour, and the type of repair needed. The typical price to replace your car’s TCM, however, ranges from $480 to $930. The cost of the part itself ranges from $410 to $770, while the typical cost of the labour is between $75 and $160 per hour.

How serious is the P0700 Code?

The P0700 code denotes a major issue with your car that might make it impossible for it to shift gears properly. The car is now hazardous to operate. It is advised that you stop driving your car and have a trained mechanic check it out and fix it as soon as you can.

How to clear code P0700?

You have to utilize an OBD2 scanner to remove the P0700 error code. To scan and remove the error codes in the transmission control module, you might need an upgraded scanner. Keep in mind that simply erasing the code will not solve the issue.

Can you drive with a P0700 code?

This code denotes a major issue with your car that might make it impossible for it to shift gears properly. The car is now hazardous to operate. It is advised not to drive your car if it has the P0700 error code and to get it looked at and fixed as soon as possible by a trained mechanic.

Can low transmission fluid cause a P0700 code? 

If the fluid level has dropped or the transmission is having problems, the P0700 code may also be set. To function effectively, your transmission must have clean, full fluid. Your transmission may overheat as a result of low or contaminated fluid, which increases the friction between the rotating components.

Will a failing transmission throw a code?

Powertrain, or “P,” codes are used to identify issues with the transmission. If your car is throwing codes and the initial three digits are P06, P07, or P09, a transmission or drivetrain issue is almost probably the cause.



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