What goes perfectly with your wide pants? A discussion

wide pants

Wide pants have become one of the most-loved pieces in popular fashion. It is a constituent of modern fashion that has gradually edged away from the slim silhouette that has messed up the fashion sense and sartorial choices of two generations.

From larger tops to shirts draping on your shoulders, and loose pants allow us all to defy the skinny fit clothes that force us to have a willowy figure that satisfies discriminating beauty standards.

The looser silhouette is a little complicated to embrace. The inherently fashionable standards set by the skin-tight pants from Saint Laurent and the narrow cuts of skirts, the wider pants had been previously propagated as the element for experimentation.

The point is that today is the right time to embrace the wider flapping pants and make them your best friend.

How did the wide-leg pants come to the center stage?

If we inspect the golden age of Hollywood, then Katharine Hepburn is indeed the queen of the wide-leg pants. The breathable, casual silhouette had been the talk of the fashion mills because of the potential they held in terms of style and contrast.

In the modern-day, the wide pants empower you with a sense of confident nonchalance that is hard to achieve. It exudes poise and elegance that has been graced by the wonder celebrities such as Meghan Markel, Victoria Beckham, and even the bold and beautiful lawyer, Amal Clooney.

And then desi fashion has its own twist on wide-leg trousers!

Now that we have waxed poetic about how the wide-leg pants have flattered multiple celebrities, it’s time for us to impart some knowledge to our readers about styling this versatile piece into distinctly different outfits.

Grab a seat beside your wardrobe because, by the end of this blog, we are sure that you would like to bring out the wide-leg pants from the back of the drawer and let enjoy the sun and shine it deserves!

Monochromes for a longer silhouette

One of the benefits of wearing a pair of wide-leg pants is the illusion of length. Wearing a broader cut of trousers with a similar shade of coat or jacket allows you to give the impression of a longer frame that adds a few inches to your height.

You can easily choose a dark shade of unembellished wide pants and wear it with a similarly hued jacked and a contrasting blouse to maintain the image you are trying to project.  The key here is to feel confident about your sartorial choice.

Remember, you don’t have to look taller; it is just a technique that will boost your confidence in a complex situation. Hence this combination is very likely to become your power suit for at least a few meetings planned for the fall.

Prints to cover up a few extra inches

It is often noted that a few inches on the waist make women very uncomfortable with their physique. If you, too, are hesitant to try new styles because of your muffin top, then the wide-leg pants can be your blessing for disguise.

Wearing a pair of solid colored wide-leg pants with a printed shirt will help you redirect the attention below the midriff. You can pick a flowy material for the pants that has a graceful fall to it. Add a shirt with small prints such as polka dots or florals, and you are all good to go.

The catch here is to ensure that you are not wearing gradients or large prints with the wide-leg pants. Because if you intend to drive attention away from your waist, then wearing heavy prints or complex colors will nip the idea right in the bud.

Bright blouses to boost the fashion quotient

While prints can be used to hide the unflattering contours, high contrasts can be used to become the center of attention. You can style your wide-leg pants with a bright and pretty blouse or shirt or even a peplum to turn around the outfit into something from a glossy-paged magazine.

You can use any colors that you like on the color spectrum and find inspiration from your nearest sources. From scarlet tops with black pants to cerulean pants with fuchsia blouses, every color combination can be created with the versatile garment because it allows you to be the Miranda Priestly of your universe!

Leather jackets for the evenings

Jackets are an excellent accessory for wide-leg pants. When you decide to wear a plus size leather jacket with some wide pants, then you can live the glory of the models from fashion weeks in Milan and New York.

Whether it is a plain leather jacket or a large bomber jacket, each of these pieces can be styled according to the cut and material of the pants themselves.

It is advised to pay attention to the material of the pants before pairing them with any other pieces. Because if you wear linen pants with and woolen sweatshirts, you would not be able to make the fashion statement you want; instead, the result could be quite the opposite of your intention.

The best footwear in your closet

Shoes play a very critical role in your outfit when you wear wide-leg pants. This is because the footwear receives a lot of attention as it impacts the entire silhouette.

Our fashion experts suggest that it is ideal for wearing neutral court shoes under professional circumstances, and you can venture into the array of stilettoes during relaxed events. We believe that wearing black camel court shoes with a white outfit to work can be swapped with large hoops and red stilettoes for the art gallery in the same evening, with the same outfit!

Contrast the fit

Contrasting fits is another key player in styling wide-leg pants. You must ensure that everything above and below must fit you like a glove when you wear a wide pair of trousers. You can pair a long and slim fit tee with your culottes to look Instagram ready. When you wear apparel that is suitable for your size and body type, you can breathe easily and wave goodbye to the hassles of lining up seams and keeping the buttons from popping open.

Final Thoughts

There are many things that you can do with a pair of wide-leg pants. But the most critical element is your confidence. When you feel happy and confident about any outfit, you are naturally inclined to enjoy wearing the combination and remember the day as a moment to be cherished in your memories.

Go grab your wide-leg trousers now!


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