What Is Email Marketing And What Are Its Advantages And The Most Common Mistakes?


We speak of email marketing when we use email to communicate with our database promoting the sale of products, services and different information with the aim of offering them relevant content.

To create a correct strategy and achieve our objective (sales, lead capture, web traffic …) we must ask ourselves some questions to which they answer before starting:

  1. Who are you sending the messages to?
  2. What goals does your business want to achieve in each shipment?
  3. What return (financial or not) do you hope to obtain?

Once we have these clear points, we can start to set up our email and campaign strategy according to it:

What are the main benefits of conducting Mail Marketing?

Addresses a relevant audience

Unlike in social or display advertising, where you go to a large number of users with broader segmentations, in the case of mail, they are users / clients who have given their consent to receive that mail, which is why it is a public more interested in your product.

Has great segmentation possibilities

Thanks to the previous registration of our client, it is our database, either through a form, a purchase or a download, we have certain characteristics of each of them such as: name, age, city, sex or any other type of data that we have marked as mandatory in the subscription form. These data will help us to send personalized emails depending on whether you live in one city or another, whether you are a man or a woman, etc. Therefore, we can send the same email with different segmentations changing the products, stores, offers, etc. depending on the data of each user. This will make the content more relevant to the user. It is not the same to receive an email with the subject:  “Enjoy the summer sales, all at 40%” than another that says “Enjoy the summer sales of the women’s collection, your x store in Pamplona, ​​all at 40%”. These small modifications will help increase our open rate.

Easy to measure

We can perform A / B tests to find out which issue works best, check open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, etc. And not only that, by adding UTM tags to each of the links to our website we can see other metrics reflected in Google Analytics or video animation such as: sessions, average duration, objectives achieved, sales … All this set of indicators will help us to analyze the performance of a campaign and propose the following based on the data that we have been able to analyze. Is the matter better with a discount or without a discount? What day of the week do I send it? And at what time?

Is immediate

Another of the great advantages of email marketing is being able to send your email whenever you want it to reach users. Unlike other advertisements such as AdWords where you have to constantly have your advertisement active, here we can transmit the content to our user at the time and date we want without having to wait a long period of time to collect data.


We don’t pay per visit, we don’t pay for impressions, and we don’t pay for downloads. We just don’t pay. We only need a mail marketing tool, which depending on the database we have, will be free or not and we can start carrying out our campaigns.

The 7 most common mistakes that you should avoid when conducting email marketing

As in all the marketing strategies that we launch, whatever the platform, there are some common mistakes that people usually make, so it is important to review these points before launching your campaign. Don’t fall for the most typical mail marketing mistakes.

1. Misuse the subject of the message

Beware of the matter! It is the only thing your user will see and what will make them open the newsletter or not. A subject without personalization, or without a clear message with the objective of the campaign: “Download the eBook”, “Enjoy your discount”, etc. It can be a plain message with no relevance to the user, who won’t bother to open it. You must capture their attention from moment 0.

2. Assign a correct time and day

The time and day are more important than you can imagine. Sending an email on a Sunday in summer can be a mistake even if you have traffic to the web on Sundays, as well as doing it at a single hour. Do you have an international database? Sending an email at 9 in the morning to the entire database means that it will arrive in Mexico at 2AM, something that will not give a good image to your brand or help you have good opening data.

3. Do not send responsive emails

Today 50% of the emails opened by users are from a mobile device. Not having the email adapted to different devices is a more common error than it seems and apart from giving a bad image, it is a lost email for that 50% of subscribers.

4. Unknown or suspicious sender

We seek to generate communication, build loyalty and maintain close contact with those interested in your brand. Therefore, maintaining an Email No Reply address would completely close the feedback between your brand and the client and would not allow the user to send us their doubts. We must be a two-way channel.

5. Don’t highlight CTAs

Inserting at the end of the post a CTA button (call to action) clear, visible and with a strong message will help increase the CTR of the newsletter: “DOWNLOAD OUR EBOOK” or “I WANT MY DISCOUNT”, can be examples of this.

6. Do not analyze the results

As we have commented previously, it will be essential to analyze each of the emails sent. Having a large volume of information to increase our profits and not using it is one of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing.

7. Do not create specific landings for your objective

Finally, we know that all emails have a specific objective. But, what if we generate a specific landing for each objective?  In this way, the user will enter the landing directly with the content that he exclusively wants to see. Our user will find the content searching in a clean and direct way, without the possibility of getting lost on our website or “being distracted” by other types of content within our page.


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