What Is The Best Tea Making Country In The World?


Many people would agree that tea is not just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. With so many different kinds of tea, it can be enjoyed on several occasions and for different purposes. Tea is also a part of many cultures all over the world. Additionally, tea is a major source of export in many countries. If your question is “what is the best tea-making country in the world?” then read on.

#1 China:

You probably must have already guessed this one. The mention of tea can be easily associated with China. With its annual production of over two million tons of tea every year, China is on the top of the list when it comes to which country supplies the best tea.

#2 India:

Next in line of the top tea making countries in the world is India. With the tea production rate being a whopping number of 1.2 million, India is not too far behind from China in terms of producing tea. Fun fact is that half of this number is consumed by the citizens of India.

#3 Kenya:

Though you may have been previously unaware of this fact, Kenya is also among the countries that are leading in tea production. Kenya produces an amazing amount of 432,400 tons of tea. Kenya also stands as the top exporter of black tea in the entire world.

#4 Sri Lanka:

In the line of top tea making countries in the world, Sri Lanka ranks on the fourth number. The tea production rate of tea for Sri Lanka is 340,230 tons. Moreover, Sri Lanka specializes in Ceylon tea. 

#5 Turkey:

When it comes to countries that make the best tea, Turkey takes fifth place. Though the tea production in Turkey originally started to meet the demands of the citizens, it, later on, started exporting the tea as well. The export raised its annual tea production to 225,000 tons of tea per year. 

#6 Vietnam:

Vietnam follows the list of the top tea producing countries in the world. Standing on number six, Vietnam has a production rate of 214,300 tons of tea. The people of Vietnam prefer their teas with minimal flavours, as they believe tea to be a part of activities that require a clear thought process. 

#7 Iran:

As of recently, Iran has been recorded to produce 160,000 tons of tea annually. The rise in tea production has been recent, and due to this rise, it has officially been noted that around 200,000 people obtained jobs in the tea industry. This proves to be beneficial for the citizens as well as the country’s overall income.

#8 Indonesia:

Indonesia brings up the rear in this list of the best tea producing countries in the world. Producing 148,100 tons of tea every year, Indonesia takes up the eighth position in global tea producers.

It is clear that China is the best tea-making country in the world, offering a vast variety. However, many countries follow closely in terms of providing the world with wonderful blends. You can contact Tea Globally for wholesale Chinese tea supplier.


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