What Not To Do, To Get Your Business Through


If you are planning to start your own business, you have to be prepared for both success and failure. Starting a business is not always easy. A start-up involves so many decisions to make and be informed about your customer base and environment. One wrong decision can lead to a setback.

While there is no guarantee for anything and no fixed formula for success, but there are few mistakes that can be avoided to sustain any business.

Following are the most common mistakes to be avoided to start up a business:

1. Be fearless

Failure and success are the two sides of the same coin. To succeed in life, it is essential to overcome your fear. A serious mistake that people commit while starting a business is to expect success.

It is essential to stay positive and hopeful, but at the same time, it is also necessary to acknowledge the fact that failure and success have equal chance to occur.

So one should always be prepared for failure as well, and the failure should be taken as a learning experience.

2. Business plan

Many times, people start up a business out of passion but without a proper plan. That instant decision of starting up a business with an organized document generally ends up unfavourably.

A business should be started with proper planning and strategy. Many factors such as environment, costs, initial investment should be pre-planned and taken into consideration.

A business without a proper plan is like a road without its directions.

3. Organizational skill

Organization of work is an essential skill required in every field of life. Once you start up a business, several things happen at the same time.

To ensure smooth functioning of the tasks, it is essential to be organized and prepare a task list that needs to do regularly. The list should be prepared according to priority.

Working in an organized manner increases productivity thereby motivating to work in a more efficient way.

4. Understanding the customer base

Generally, people start their business but with half tasks performed. Any business works on its target audience and clients. It is crucial to serve your audience and understand the needs and preferences.

A common mistake by start-up entrepreneurs is not focusing on their target audience and their preferences. Surveys can be conducted before starting up a business to have a clear understanding of your prospective customers.

A clear understanding helps in building a great product leads to a successful business.

5. Tap expertise

Do not try to be the one-man army for your business. A big mistake by people is trying to do everything by themselves. Working independently is good, but not every time.

It makes you a jack of all trades and master of none. It is essential to be under the right guidance and hire people with specific field expertise. 

Try to rope in seasoned advisors and entrepreneurs as they have real-time experience in planning, strategizing, implementing and dealing with tedious situations. Like they say, with experience comes wisdom.

Getting experienced people on board brings wisdom to your business and also the required expertise to operate your business smoothly.

6. Take time to hire

It is essential to have experts on board with you, but at the same time, it is vital to have lesser employees with you in term of cost-cutting.

If you can function adequately with part-time workers and freelancers, do not be in a rush to hire full-time workers and put a burden on your pocket.

Shelling out money is always easy, but you have to be a sensible spender to strike a balance between the costs involved and revenue generated.

7. New technology

Digitalization is the new trend nowadays. As a start-up owner do not make a mistake by avoiding the updated technology and working on the obsolete one.

Upgrading to the new technology may be a bit cost involving, but the benefits of working with new technology outweigh its negatives. Updated technology helps in being up to date with your clients and the environment.

Also, it can provide you with new opportunities and increase work efficiency. It will help you save money as well. Learning and adapting with new technology can be tasking and time consuming but will be beneficial and profitable for your business in the long run and short run both.

Bottom line

Many people do not have the initial amount to start up their business. They can always opt for a loan option and fulfil the dream of their own business.

Many loan facilities are available in the market by banks and financial institutions. These loans are offered in various forms such as personal loans, car loans, loans for unemployed etc.

Usually, banks go with slogans that advertise “apply for guaranteed loans for unemployed”, “go for your own car loan” which in turn attracts many customers for these loan facilities.

Once you start your own business with these loan facilities, you should avoid making the above mistakes to succeed in your business life.

Do not be afraid to face your failures and always be open to feedback and negative responses to axis your business model as required.



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