Why Do We Need to Focus on Energy Management?


There is a direct relation between environment and energy consumption, when you consume less power, fewer toxins will be released, conserving the earth’s natural resources in a way. The unfortunate part is that it is not enough, and as per the need of the hour, multiple strategies are required to implement to save the environment. As of now, icebergs are melting, sea levels are rising, and bushfires have burnt thousands of acres at an alarming rate. The global climate emergency is here, and steps should be taken to combat the change. 

In lieu of this statement, energy management plays a vital role in tackling the issue at hand. As the name suggests, it’s a process of conserving, managing and monitoring energy. It also involves gauging the effectiveness of energy management. Businesses are always on the lookout to save money, and they don’t have energy managers who are conscious of corporate social responsibility. If only there were energy project management courses that would prepare them to manage this problem?

India is majorly dependent on non-renewable resources and meeting the demands of the increasing population is not easy. From the past few years, the shift has been on cleaner energy sources. Every year in October and early November, the air quality worsens in Delhi and nearby regions due to stubble burning by farmers. The smog makes it difficult to breathe, and it lasts for 15-20 days or even more than that. Situations like these need to be addressed.

How Energy Management can Change the Scenario?

Energy management has emerged as a new field as per some experts and is essential for companies around the world to reduce the damages. 

Reducing carbon footprint and introducing bio bins to manage waste would heal the earth and save for future generations. It also promotes sustainable development. Bio bins would convert the wet waste into compost that can be disposed of on the site in an odour free manner.

Switch from Coal to Solar Panels

A few years ago, the concept of solar panels seems an intriguing idea, and now these are readily available in the market. Utilizing solar energy can save companies billions of dollars if done effectively. They are cheap and can be easily installed. In India, the demand is increasing, and it would be an excellent alternative to efficiently using energy. Extracting coal in itself is a lengthy and tedious process, not to mention that it is a non-renewable resource which takes millions of years to form. Authorities are shifting their focus on renewable resources to reduce the toxins in the air. 

Germany is at the forefront in closing its coal plants, and other countries should take a leaf out of their book and reduce our dependence on coal.  

Banning Plastic

We all know about thousands of years it takes to decay plastic, and the government has tried multiple times to eradicate the use of plastic, but its implementation at a massive scale has failed. Managing waste would significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes in landfills. Besides banning plastic, the other imperative aspect is to segregate waste and manage it. The wet components can be turned into compost easily with bio bins, and this organic compost would prove highly beneficial in the farming areas. Instead of plastic bags, paper bags can be used. 


Awareness is yet another challenge that we have and an innate desire to preserve the planet. Not many people actively participate in clean up drives. However, the government’s Swach Bharat Abhiyaan did succeed to a certain level, yet it needs to be propagated at a massive level. 

Energy Management: The Future

Energy Management is an inevitable part of our future. It’s a science in itself, and luckily there are renewable energy management courses that aspiring candidates can pursue and with their sharp mind and right direction can contribute to saving our planet. The increasing population is a major cause of worry, and if the country doesn’t switch to other renewable sources of energy like solar or wind, the future is uncertain. 

The courses can provide new job opportunities, and the demand for budding energy managers is going to rise in the future. 


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