Why Jellies are Loved By kids


Kids are naturally attracted to sugary stuff. The candy brands provide a plethora of candies, lollipops, toffees to satisfy the sweet tooth of the kid.  There are many reasons for it. One of the primary reasons is that the milk that they have as infants is naturally sweet. Another reason is children’s growth is faster in pre-adolescents. Candies have a huge amount of sugar in them. Consumption of sugar gives instant energy to children. Other than these factors biological factors also add to having a liking for candies and jellies. Mostly children from 1 to 5 years of age groups prefer soft candies or jellies. Most of us know this fact. 

However, what we fail to understand are the reasons which add their liking for jellies at such a young age? So, in this article, we are going to break the ice and give reasons for why children develop an instant and forever liking for Jelly Belly. Let’s get started:

Colorful: Children love colours. Interesting colors give them happiness. Children love to name and recognise the color of the jelly. It is also a good practice to teach the names of colors to children while giving them a jelly. We can choose jelly belly from Mahak Group. Mahak is one of the best fruity jelly manufacturers in India, which has more than four jellies. 

Fruity Flavour: It is pretty difficult to conveyance children to eat fruits. And all of us know that fruits are extremely important for children’s growth because of the vitamins and fibers present in it. Therefore, to develop a natural liking for fruits is necessary. Jelly Belly from Mahak Group can make things easier for us. They are made from the natural goodness of fruits. With the help of jelly, we can have children eat fruits regularly. Although the proportion of fruits kids will have will be less. But any amount is better than none. 

Soft Texture: 

Jelly has a soft texture. It doesn’t take a lot of time to eat it. Since young children have soft teeth, eating jelly becomes easier for them. Anything that requires too much pressure makes it too difficult for children to eat. Jelly Belly is also a simple way to make kids happy. However, we should be always cautious of the numbers of jellies they are eating. Too much of anything is bad. 

Available in all the Season: 

Children who love eating fruits and miss eating them can relish the taste of them. Most fruits are seasonal. This is why children can’t eat those fruits throughout the year. Especially fruits like Mangoes that come only in summer are highly liked by children. However, Mango jelly belly is available every time of the year. And the best part about the jelly belly, we can stock them up. Unlike real fruits that get rotten after a few days.

Different Flavors: 

The best jelly brands, have so many flavors of jellies. We all love flavors and varieties, even kids. Seeing so many flavors at a glance makes children want these jelly even more. Some evergreen flavors like mango, strawberry, lichi, can be enjoyed any time of the year. Different flavors will help kids to grow their taste buds. Hence, jelly belly is one of the healthy choices when it comes to eating candies, toffees, chocolates.  


Jelly belly comes for one rupee only. It is very cost-efficient. We can buy them in great capacities and stock them up. Jellies can be eaten frozen and also comes at such affordable prices. It makes jellies one of the most budget-friendly snacks. Since it is liked by kids, jellies can be also given as return gifts at birthday parties. 

Some precautious we as parents have to take before giving jellies to our kids:

Keep a count: 

Jellies are very high in sugar and have preservatives in them. Therefore, we should keep only a viable amount of them for our kids. 

Date Check:

Checking manufacturing and expiry dates is very important. Expiry jellies not only have a foul smell in it but also are bad in taste. 

The bottom line is no matter what we should always be cautious of giving jelly to our kids. We need to make our kids aware of what they are eating. The taste, color, texture, fragrance, etc should be made very clear to kids from a very initial stage. 


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