Why most of the peoples are preferred to wear artificial Jewellery Set?

artificial Jewellery

All the women in the world are liked to wear the artificial necklace set and traditional jewellery set for their special occasions with grand outfits. Nowadays these kinds of jewellery are available on the online market. In this article, you will know about the online shopping of traditional and artificial jewellery sets.

What are the types of artificial necklace set for the bridal?

You can find many types of artificial bridal Necklace Set with price on online sites. You can purchase from it for your big day. Some of the common types of an artificial bridal necklace set are given by,

  • Choker: It is more popular in the western world. Most of the brides are interested to wear the choker at their wedding ceremonies. You can wear it with other necklaces. Kundan and pearl choker are perfect for the wedding Mehandi function.
  • Rani Haar: It is a single or multi-stringed type of necklace. It will give you a royal look because of the length of the necklace. It is best suitable for the choker.
  • Satlada: It is type of Rani Haar. It gives you a pretty look. The smaller version has 5 layers is known as Panchlada and 3 layered is known as Teenlada.
  • Gulbandh: It is the basic style of necklace. In other words, it is known as a princess necklace.
  • Aadh necklace: It starts with the choker and ends with the stings of triangles. 
  • Guttapusalu: It is more popular for south Indian brides. It will give you a most gorgeous look on your wedding day.

What are the steps to buy the traditional jewelry set from online shopping?

The steps to buy the Traditional Jewellery Set Online Shopping are given by,

  • You will need a personal computer or mobile device with an internet connection and for the payment; you will need a credit card or a debit card.
  • Login to the registered website and search for the traditional jewellery set.
  • Choose your set and move to the cart page. From the cart page, you can make an order for the jewellery set.
  • You need to give your personal information and card details for the order.
  • Click the buy now option and the payment will be processed. After the process, your order will be placed and it will be delivered to your doorstep at the estimated time.

What are the types of traditional jewellery sets?

  • Maangtika and Jhoomar: The Maangtika is the traditional headpiece for the Hindu bride. The Jhoomar wear by the Muslim bride on side of their forehead.
  • Nath: It is a traditional nose pin worn on the left nostril. 
  • Bajuband and Vanki: It is one of the traditional ornaments are worn on the upper arm by both men and women.
  • Kamarbandh: It is worn around the waist for the traditional outfit. 
  • Jhumkas and Balis: It is a type of traditional earrings. Balis is a ring-shaped earring.
  • Mangalsutra and Thaali: It is worn by married women.
  • Payal: It is the type of traditional anklet. 
  • Kangan: It is traditional bangles are worn on the wedding day. It is available in a combination of white and red.

Looks more gorgeous with an artificial necklace set and traditional jewellery on the big day of your wedding!!


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