With what and how to combine a T-shirt with wide straps?


Women’s clothing is infinitely diverse – elegant silk tops with thin straps, crop tops, and also models with wide straps. The latter is also called “alcoholic T-shirt” in another way.

Why is the shirt called “alcoholic”?

There are two versions of the origin of this name. According to one theory, it came from the times of the USSR, when this T-shirt with wide straps and a round neckline considered part of the men’s wardrobe, or rather, underwear. Representatives of the stronger sex, who addicted to alcohol, leading a free lifestyle, did not hesitate to go to the nearest store, or to meet friends, wearing only one T-shirt. From them and the name of this clothing as “T-shirts-alcoholic”. Since then it has called that.

The second variant of appearance is from the English language. This garment has passed from the men’s wardrobe to the women’s several times. But for more than twenty years it has occupied a permanent place with each of them, becoming almost a basic part of the main wardrobe.

Popular models

The classic variation of this model with a straight cut in white, with a round elongated neckline and deep armholes. But in stores you can find other models as well. They differ in form:

  • Form-fitting . They used to create daily, formal and also evening looks. Must of the same color or decorated with embroidery, appliqués and prints.
  • Flared. Suitable for drawing up a sports style or for every day. Girls who are bolder do not have to wear them with underwear. If the chest does not allow this, then it is necessary to choose a cropped semi-sports top under the shirt.
  • Direct. Such models with wide shoulder straps are a universal option. Almost any clothing combined with them, especially if the T-shirt without any patterns and has a base color.
  • Knitted. In the wardrobe of fashionistas, there are such tops, machines or hand-knitted from fine thread. They don’t have to look like your grandmother’s knitted clothes. It can be underwear made of delicate knitwear, which is perfect for a formal suit and jeans.
  • Wrestling shoes . With shoulder straps that join at the back into one.

Designers do not limit their colors – not only classic white, but also black, beige, gray and various bright shades. Decorated for any color and taste, complemented by embroidery, overlay elements or ornaments. Transparent ones worn only with a top in a contrasting or flesh color. They are suitable for the beach version, for evening parties and for sports activities.

What goes best with this shirt

This model rarely used as an accent or basic thing. Shorts , straight or ironed trousers, formal suits, jackets, skirts and branded clothing elongated cardigans go well with it .

Leather and eco-leather have been in trend for many seasons. The model of a free or flared cut combined with trousers or a skirt. To create the image of a bully, a denim jacket or vest added.

The romantic image a T-shirt, fitted, without unnecessary trimming and a sun skirt so that the length is below the knees. Visually, with an elongated skirt, growth stretched, and in combination with a T-shirt, fragility is emphasized. With this, you resemble a girl from the 50s of the last century. We select shoes with a stable low heel: traditional pumps or with a solid sole.

The feminine image emphasized by a mini-skirt, a T-shirt of the same tone, a loose-fitting jacket and sneakers.

Seasonal looks:

  • Summer look – a straight T-shirt and shorts made of suiting fabric with pinches. Add a straw hat with a wicker bag and wedge sandals for the finishing touch. If the weather cool, a jacket worn over a T-shirt or an elongated cardigan will help out.
  • Autumn look – a model with prints combined with denim jackets or leather jackets. The latter become relevant again this season. On cool days, a combination of a T-shirt, leather jacket and bicycle shorts allowed.

In late autumn, cycling shorts can be changed to straight jeans and sneakers. Another option for this season is to wear a tee underneath oversized shirts.

The main thing is not to overload the images with unnecessary things. For example, straight-cut jeans, a T-shirt with a men’s shirt are suitable for going out every day to shops or for a walk. If a T-shirt with appliqué or with a bright pattern, you should not add extra accessories – this is an overload. If necessary, it is enough to add a bag with a hat so that the shirt does not draw undue attention to itself. In any case, such things should be used very carefully, otherwise your image will look old-fashioned and ridiculous.

Who is the T-shirt with wide straps suitable for?

Tops with thin straps or similar to underwear look sophisticated and very feminine. But they will not look on girls with big hands or a curvy figure. Tops with wide straps will suit them. An alcoholic tank top is the preferred idea.

But this option can be safely chosen by young girls who have small breasts. In such a contrast, the figure of a young girl will look graceful and playful.

A T-shirt with wide straps becomes a universal part of any woman’s wardrobe. It suits both office ladies, and creative people, and women with children. In fact, it is enough to have 2-3 T-shirts of the main colors, straight and tapered silhouette. This allows you to create all kinds of images, complementing them with accessories and shoes.


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