2021 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips and Hacks to Stay Safe and Save Time

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Spring is just around the corner and the changing of the season brings new beginnings and the motivation to clean and freshen up your home. Your spring cleaning checklist is probably full of a variety of tasks, ranging from dusting and polishing furniture to changing air vents and registers.

While spring clean is a great idea, it can also be a time of slips, falls, pulled muscles, and other accidents. If you’re not careful, cleaning your home from top to bottom can end in a few weeks of pain and recovery.

Fortunately, by following a few spring cleaning safety tips you can clean your home and stay safe while doing it. If you are preparing to do a little spring cleaning, here are a few tips to help you stay safe and save time.

Start With a Plan

The first step to effective spring cleaning is to create a plan of action. Choose the method of cleaning you will use and the order you will clean your home. This will help you avoid wasting time and complete your cleaning as soon as possible.

Take a Slow and Steady Approach

A great tip to keep yourself safe while spring cleaning is to take a slow and steady approach. Rushing around will only result in bruises, scrapes, and more.

Want to speed up your progress? Try enlisting family members to help.

Clear the Clutter

One of the best spring cleaning tips to follow is to declutter before you start cleaning. Pick up any items you can trip over or bump into. Clearing the clutter is also a great way to make sure you fully clean every surface in your home.

Avoid Wet and Slippery Surfaces

Part of any spring cleaning day is working with wet and slippery surfaces. While mopping your floors and cleaning slippery surfaces like bathtubs is essential, it’s also a bit of a safety hazard. Make sure to take extra care when cleaning these areas.

Be Careful and Ladders and Stools

A helpful tip to stay safe while spring cleaning is to be careful when using ladders and step stools. While these items are useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, they can also result in broken bones, bruises, bumps, and more, from falling. Follow the directions on the ladder or step stool to reduce your risk of an accident.

Use the Proper Lifting Technique

Your spring cleaning will likely involve lifting and moving heavy items. To ensure you are safe, make sure you are lifting with your legs instead of your back. If you have a full garage and want more space, consider renting a self storage unit.

Use These Spring Cleaning Safety Tips to Stay Safe and Save Time

By using these spring cleaning safety tips, you can complete your cleaning safely and effectively.

Start by creating a plan of action to organize your cleaning schedule. You should also take a slow and steady approach, clear the clutter in your home, and avoid wet and slippery surfaces. Make sure to be careful when using ladders and stools and use the proper lifting technique when moving heavy items.

Follow these tips to avoid any injuries while cleaning your home.

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