Top Milky and Cloudy Diamonds on Lifeless Wedding Rings UAE

diamond Wedding Rings in Dubai

Most probably, the cloudiness in diamonds typically derives from their internal structure rather than their exterior surface. For this significant reason, the jewelers can rarely reverse the effects of the hazy appearance of dull diamonds. 

Read this entire article to understand better why Wedding Rings in Dubai sometimes appear milky. We may refer to such diamonds as sleepy or lifeless diamonds, as they lack their original sparkle and glamor compared to others. you see the actual color of the diamond, which adds value to the stone. 

Wedding Rings in Dubai

The Clarity of Cloudy Diamonds

In many of such diamonds, the clarity characteristics are dispersed so that we generally see no inclusion in them. Instead, you may notice numerous microscopic inclusions evenly spread within such diamonds of Wedding Rings in Dubai that is somehow similar to what is in the suspension. 

As a result, the light passage through such diamonds slows down, and they start appearing milky and cloudy. Unlike low-quality diamonds of various rings that come with visible marks, such lifeless diamonds come with no prominent and visible inclusions. 

Thus, we can say that lacking the original sparkle of high clarity; such diamonds appear good-for-the-money to some extent. 

Cloudy Diamonds and Their Fluorescence 

A few diamonds naturally fluoresce when put under UV light. You can review the fluorescence of such diamonds on their certificate, typically having a description such as 

  1. Nil
  2. Very slight 
  3. Slight 
  4. Medium 
  5. Strong 

Diamond Wedding Rings Dubai graded with strong fluorescence thus may generally exhibit a cloudy appearance, particularly in strong sunlight. The UV rays present in natural sunlight also sometimes result in the glowing of such diamonds, but that is rare. 

diamond Wedding Rings Dubai

Is Diamond Fluorescence a Good Thing or a Bad One? 

The diamond jewelers rarely consider and state their fluorescence as good or bad. However, sometimes a strong fluorescence results in a hazy and misty appearance when placed in strong sunlight. For this very reason, several intense fluorescence diamonds of Wedding Rings in Dubai fetch lower prices. 

When is Fluorescence Bad?

Sometimes strong fluorescence in diamonds results in a milky hue, which is most commonly the case when placed under natural sunlight. Due to this, strong fluorescence in diamonds is usually related to a much lower price for any certified stone. Ultimately that reduces the overall value of a diamond. 

When is Fluorescence Good?

Tinted diamond Wedding Rings Dubai sometimes appears slightly yellow and greatly benefit from a lift in natural whiteness due to direct fluorescence. When such tinted diamonds are placed under sunlight, the UV light rays get reflected at different angles, resulting in a whiter appearance. 

Resultantly, diamonds of such type appear white compared to their specified color grade. But this unique effect usually appears when you view the diamond from its upper side. In contrast, when you view such diamonds from the right of the left side, you see the actual color of the diamond, which adds value to the stone. 

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Smoked Diamond Engagement Rings Dubai

On close examination of the milky diamond’s surface, an oily surface or a film might be visible to you all across the diamond. That film generally results in the milky and foggy appearance of diamonds. And most probably, that is most apparent when diamonds tend to change their color from a clear stone to a cloudy diamond. 

The most significant reason for this may be that diamond has somehow become smoked. The smoky effect is mainly due to the oxidization of the diamond’s surface at a high-temperature range. The only remedy for such diamonds of Wedding Rings in Dubai will be having your diamond’s surface repolished from the expertise of a reliable diamond jeweler or polisher. 


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