Opal Jewelry: The Best Designs in Opal Rings and All You Need To Know

Opal Jewelry

Out of all nature’s treasures, the gems have a mind-blowing beauty and many healing properties for us in store. The gemstones hold a special place in the hearts and minds of jewellery lovers. Known for bringing good luck in the life of the wearer, opal is a gem that exhibits a marvellous play of colour. The unique appearance of the crystal is so luring that gem enthusiasts always keep opal jewellery in their collection. The October birthstone displays a unique optical phenomenon, and therefore the ancient people called it a precious gemstone that had fallen from the heavens.

In this blog, we will talk about designs in Opal jewellery and the latest trends in this gemstone jewellery. The gemstone has a glittery appearance and displays a flash of colours in the presence of light. It also shows colour patterns that look very interesting. Formed because of the heavy rains containing silica, the gemstone took over 5 million years to solidify and become an amazing crystal. The fact becomes more qualifying as the gem has water content. It has silica spheres arranged in the gemstone that cause the colour to flash. When light falls on these spheres, it bends and refracts to form a play of colour. The size of the sphere is responsible for the dominant colour of the gem.

Types of Opal:

Black Opal: These vary from translucent to opaque and display a beautiful play of colour against a dark background creating an eye-catching contrast of the hues.

White or Light Opal: These are translucent and display play-of-colour against a white or light-grey background.

Fire-Opal: It occurs in colours ranging from brown, orange, yellow, or red.

Boulder Opal: This can range from being translucent to opaque. In this variety, you will find inclusions from the host rock called matrix.

Crystal Opal: This one has an exceptional play-of-colour and can be transparent or near to clear.

Designs That Can Enhance The Look of Your Opal jewelry

  • Ring designs can be simple and classic or complex when it comes to their patterns. If you are a fan of unique designs, then Rananjay Exports have a plethora of designs in Opal ring. Classic lovers can also look for the kind of jewelry in their fantastic collection. When it comes to setting the gemstone, the bezel setting is the most recommended one in the case of opal. A full-bezel or a half-bezel can look elegant and be the best one for your opal ring.
  • Opal pendants that can enhance your beauty and your collection for a long time come in classic as well as some unique shapes. You can go for white metals in the case of opal accessories as they complement the brilliance of the gemstone.
  • The chic opal bracelets can be designed in rose gold settings and are perfect for an office event. Opal necklaces also have that statement appeal to make your accessories stand out. For example, a strand of opal necklace looks perfect for a black outfit. You can also opt for an antique opal necklace design to create a dramatic look.
  • Diamonds go best with opals. So, if you can find Opal earrings studded with diamonds, don’t miss them out.

What All This Gemstone Brings to You?

Besides being one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, opals are famous for bringing you good luck. The charming gemstone is also popular to bring abundance, prosperity, and happiness to the wearer. The royal ancestors loved opal accessories and believed them to be magical.

How to Take Special Care of This Gem?

Since opals have water content, they should be saved from being dehydrated. You need to be a little careful and take out the gemstone jewellery while going for long hours in the Sun. Also, when you are keeping this jewellery away for some time, store it in a box wrapped in cotton with a few drops of water in it.

Where to Find Genuine Gemstone Jewelry?

Opal accessories can be found online, but you must be careful, as sometimes these can be treated for an enhanced look. As your jewelry guide, I suggest you a reliable website. Rananjay Exports is known for its authentic wholesale gemstone jewelry. They craft jewelry keeping in mind the quality standards and have skilled artisans who can help you with customized orders. The accessories are designed in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. Have a happy shopping with them as they also have rewards and benefits for their customers.


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