4 Best Women Universities in Pakistan

4 Best Women Universities in Pakistan-featured

The contributions of women to our culture cannot be overstated. The advancement of human civilization is directly tied to the success of women’s education. A well-educated mother ensures a generation of smart kids. Article 37 of the Pakistani constitution guarantees that every woman has the right to an education. On the other hand, women in Pakistan confront significant societal and cultural barriers on their path to higher education. Government action is inadequate. Some universities in Pakistan are co-ed, while others cater exclusively to female students.

You may be surprised to learn that just 13 institutions in Pakistan specifically cater to female students.

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1-Fatima Jinnah Women University

In Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, you can find Fatima Jinnah Women’s University (FJWU) next to Mall Road. In 1998, it first opened its doors for business. HEC placed it at #18 overall in their rankings. In Pakistan, this institution has been instrumental in introducing and opening up new fields of study to young women. To quench their intellectual hunger, women from all across the nation have been flocking there. Approximately 4,362 students call this institution home for the duration of their education. It offers a wide variety of majors that meet the needs of its students.

Starting in 2008, a satellite campus of FJWU will be built in Sialkot on 200 acres of land at a cost of RS 300 million. In spite of this, progress on this Sialkot campus has halted for the last six and a half years. Girls who might otherwise be able to afford an education at this institution now have to go to Lahore, Rawalpindi, and other places. All families simply cannot manage the high costs of boarding schools and other such options, and those who do often worry about the safety of their girls while they are so far from home. The government has to take note of these issues and work diligently to find solutions.

2- Jinnah University for Women

Karachi is the site of Jinnah University for Women, more often referred to as JUW. It is a private institution widely recognized as Pakistan’s pioneering women’s university. The institution has a state-of-the-art auditorium, laboratories with the latest technology, extensive library collections, and much more to offer in addition to its excellent academic programmes. There are a wide variety of graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate degree programmes available at the institution. There isn’t a better university for women in Pakistan.

3-Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s

Khan Sardar Bahadur the Women’s University of Balochistan may be found in Quetta. In 2004, it was founded as an organization. In the middle of the year 2006, the university had its first convocation. There are study spaces, labs, and dorms in universities. There are options for those looking to further their education and get a master’s degree. Terrorists assaulted a school bus full of pupils in June 2013. Saddeningly for all of Pakistan, 14 ladies were slain and 19 were wounded in this atrocity.

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4 – Women University Multan

In 2013, the Women’s University of Multan opened its doors. The institution has gained widespread notoriety due to its reputation for high-quality academic programmes. The faculty of Women’s University of Multan is well competent. Bachelor’s degrees are available in a wide variety of disciplines at this institution. In addition, it ranks well among Pakistan’s educational institutions for women.


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