5 Instagram Marketing Tips

5 Instagram Marketing Tips-featured

The social networking platform Instagram is massive. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook and has more than 1 billion monthly users, it’s no wonder that companies are interested in learning more about Instagram advertising.

Once only a means of sharing photos, Instagram is now widely acknowledged as a powerful promotional tool that may boost sales and revenue for your online business.

In this piece, we’ll go over some tried-and-true strategies for using Instagram to advertise your brand.

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Why Use Instagram for Marketing?

According to this HootSuite website, Instagram is the second most popular social media platform among companies, with 75.3% of them using the platform.

Here are some numbers to consider if you haven’t already joined the Instagram crowd, and these Growth Hacks will help you get started quickly.

  • More than 500 million people use Instagram on a daily basis, and the service has over 1 billion monthly users.
  • Every day, users post over 100 million photographs and videos, with over 4.2 billion total likes.
  • While 37% of all US adults have an Instagram account, 89% of its users live somewhere else.
  • Seventy-three percent of adolescents say Instagram is the most effective medium for marketers to connect with them.
  • If you’re an Instagram user, you probably spend roughly 28 minutes every day scrolling through photos and videos.

Marketing Through Instagram: 5 Tip to Follow

Create an Impressive Profile

Users who are unfamiliar with your brand or your line of work will form impressions based on your profile, so give it your full attention.

The bio should be your first priority. It is important that it be concise but conveys the necessary information. The maximum number of characters allowed in a business bio is 150.

In as few words as possible, describe what it is that you do. You might also think about including a shop button on your profile so that customers can easily make purchases from there.

Add hashtags to your bio to increase your visibility. You may also use this to draw attention to hashtags associated with your business.

Put the link in your bio, too. Given that Instagram’s hashtags don’t support clickable links in captions, this is crucial information to have.

The company’s services are outlined, and a link to the website is provided for convenience.

In addition, give your profile a polished appearance by sticking to a predetermined theme. If you take a look at the sample given above, you will see that almost all the images make use of various pink tones. Instagram’s user base has risen significantly over the years, and that trend shows no signs of slowing. Once just a site for travellers to show off their images, Instagram is now a massive platform for brands, celebrities, and advertisements of all stripes, with over a billion users.

Tell Your Story

If you want to stand out on Instagram, nothing beats being genuine.

No matter how well you understand the algorithm or what kind of Instagram hacks you employ, you and your narrative are the most integral parts of your business.

Influencers, company owners, and entrepreneurs alike would do well to demonstrate their humanity.

Instagram posts with descriptive, genuine captions and Instagram Stories are ideal for this purpose. Instagram Stories allow you to engage in transparent, two-way discussions with your followers.

The maximum length for a caption is 2200 characters, so there’s plenty of room to invite people in.

Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram business accounts are not dissimilar to Meta profiles.

Insights provides access to metrics such as view counts, interaction rates, and more.

Information on your followers’ ages, genders, locations, and peak online times are all at your fingertips.

Perspectives aren’t only broadened out. You may see detailed information about your postings for the week, such as how many impressions each article received and which ones did the best.

You may learn a lot about how people are engaging with your content and improve it as a result of using these free tools.

Your ability to increase engagement with your content relies on your understanding of how people are responding to your postings.

Product teasers are a kind of article that nearly never fail to attract readers’ interest.

Make use of Instagram Stories

Lead generation is a top priority, and Instagram Stories may assist you in this endeavour.

Instagram Stories are presented in a “slideshow” style, which sets them apart from standard Instagram postings.

While Stories only remain viewable for 24 hours, they may be downloaded and viewed on any of your devices for future use.

Comparison to Snapchat’s Stories feature is inevitable (and is even a direct competitor).

Instagram Stories don’t show up in the feed itself but rather in a sidebar above it.

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Use Instagram Live

Instagram now supports live video, so you can connect with your fans in real time. Instagram Live’s one-on-one discussion feature is fantastic for companies since it enables broadcasters to invite a single visitor for a private conversation that is nonetheless seen by the public. However, there are speculations that the corporation is aiming to roll out the capability to invite more than one visitor to a session.

Instagram live may be used in a wide variety of novel ways. Events, product launches, interviews with customers or partners, and more may all be broadcast live. Although influencers make up the bulk of Instagram Live’s users, more and more brands are taking use of the feature to keep in touch with customers and provide them with behind-the-scenes glimpses of their operations.


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