4 Reasons to Get a WiFi Plan for Your Home

Many Australians are truly unsatisfied with the internet speed in the country. In fact, Australia is ranked only 61st on a speed test done by Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index in 2020, with an average download speed of 58.83Mbps and upload speed of 21.44Mbps.  It sure doesn’t look so promising especially that most people have become 5x more internet dependent since the pandemic took place.

Now, everything seems to be running online. Computer and mobile applications have increasing demands for faster Mbps, and sure enough, a slow internet slows down our productivity and tests our patience to the limit.

This has become the main reason for most Australians to get the cheapest wifi plans at home.  But of course, deciding on whether to get one or not is not an easy decision because this entails added cost on the part of the consumers.  And so, before deciding if you truly have the need to get a wifi plan, try to consider some factors first.


Are you a work-from-home person?  Does your job or career rely so much on the internet?  Well then, it’s a no brainer for you to get a wifi plan for your home – and a good one at that.  Since your household income relies so much on your job, you should consider this as an investment and part of your monthly household expense.  


Yes, some kids are into home-schooling which requires them to open the internet every now and then.  We do not want this to affect their academic performance and cause added frustration to children.  Studying is heavy enough for them, much more if the tools they use are not cooperating.  However, if most of their lessons can be learned asynchronously, you might want to check if the need for increased speed will truly make a significant improvement in their schooling. 


Well, if you have fans waiting for you online, don’t disappoint them!  Or if you might still be in the process of being an influencer, you can’t achieve your goal if your internet does not permit you to. The best videos we see online are uploaded using great internet, aside from the online tools you might need to use in order to achieve the video that you want your audience to enjoy.  Slow internet shouldn’t stop you from being famous!


Wifi subscription is not free.  In fact, some internet providers may charge you a lot depending on the type of internet plan you are getting.  So, check on your household budget first if you can spare some extra internet boost.  

While the shows on Netflix may tempt you to upgrade, pause for a moment and assess your needs.  Though the internet that we have may not be as good, it still serves the purpose of connecting you to the world, and still makes you enjoy browsing the web.  And the NBN has begun upgrading Australia’s broadband infrastructure since 2020, promising to provide faster broadband connections to consumers.  If it really isn’t of urgency, you might want to wait it out before spending extra bucks from your pocket for a wifi subscription.

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