5 Instances You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer by Your Side

5 Instances You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer by Your Side

Understanding when to hire a personal injury lawyer is a step towards handling your case successfully. When you get injured after an accident, you need to understand where the blame lies. The chances are that the perpetrator might try to intimidate or manipulate you, making it hard to get justice. In such cases, you need a Colorado personal injury lawyer to handle your case. But when instances dictate that you find the right legal professional?

When You Suffer Severe Injuries or a Permanent Disability

When you sustain serious injuries or suffer permanent disability after an accident, it only means a life full of pain and financial struggles. You need to find and hire a personal injury lawyer to help you hold the responsible party accountable and get a financial reprieve. With the medical and treatment needs increasing as days go by, chances are that you and your family will struggle financially. A personal injury lawyer understands what to do to prevent serious lifelong financial struggles.

When You Aren’t Certain Who Is at Fault

Consider a personal injury lawyer when it is unclear who was at fault before the accident. Note that as soon as the insurance companies of both parties get involved, the blame will start shifting. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are handling such a case as a first-timer. You don’t want to get blamed for the damage when, in truth, the other party is responsible. When you hire and talk to the lawyer, you understand how to protect your rights and defend yourself from counterclaims.

When the Insurer Denied or Is Delaying Your Claim

Dealing with an insurer can sometimes give you headaches. Some insurance companies take advantage of accidents to deny or delay their compensation. Knowing that most of their clients have limited legal knowledge, they try to downplay a legitimate injury claim or shift the blame. A personal injury lawyer has the knowledge, skills, and experience you can depend on when dealing with troublesome insurance companies.

When There Are Multiple Parties Involved

Work with a personal injury lawyer if the accident involved multiple parties. Note that you might get stuck with the bills in such a case as other parties will avoid taking responsibility and their contribution to the accident. When you hire a lawyer, you have a professional who understands what it takes to deal with multiple insurers. You will also find it easier to build a case involving multiple parties and get the compensation you deserve. 

When You Do Not Know the Value of Your Claim

After sustaining injuries due to another party’s negligence or wrongdoing, you might receive a compensation package for the damages in the long run. You need to understand your value and get the right compensation package. You should hire a personal injury lawyer when you do not know the value of your claim. They have the skills needed to calculate a value that suits your financial losses, pain, and suffering. They use facts of the case to maximize the value and enable the right compensation package.

You should not be afraid to look for and work with a personal injury lawyer. Note that your efforts in finding and working with a legal professional determine how you handle the case. When you understand when to hire a personal injury lawyer, you also meet the statutes of limitations, set deadlines, and make your case viable.


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