5 Tips on How to Convince Your Customers for Feedbacks


Customer reviews on various online portals can do wonders for a business like Myassignmenthelp. It can help to build brand reputation, bring credibility, and can influence a consumer’s buying behaviour. Here are some fun facts about reviews:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers read online reviews before buying/availing a product/service
  • 79 % of the people read reviews to make sure the product is good
  • 61% read them to ensure the functionalities
  • 53% of them read feedbacks to ensure a fair price
  • 83% of consumers discover new products through reviews
  • 69% of consumers believe that three months old reviews are redundant

So how to reach out to a customer for reviews?

Here are some useful tips to help you achieve the best results.

1. Provide them with options:

5 Tips on How to Convince Your Customers for Feedbacks
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Although you would love your customers to come back to your website often, it may not be the case always. That’s okay. Make your business available on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Reviews on such popular platforms can give your business much-needed exposure.

2. Directly ask for their feedback:

5 Tips on How to Convince Your Customers for Feedbacks
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Many companies ask customers for reviews directly, along with a follow-up email. Apart from commercial giants, popular academicservice providers now have started asking their students to write reviews like, “Can you, please leave us a review on Topassignmentreviews.com? We’d appreciate your feedback!”

3. Ask for reviews through emails:

5 Tips on How to Convince Your Customers for Feedbacks
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Review request email campaigns are one of the smart ways of taking customer feedback. It is simple, straightforward, and directly links the page to where the customer can write a review. Such campaigns are useful when it comes to evaluating a customer’s satisfaction levels and identifying loyal customers.

4. Keep a reward system for reviews:

It’s not like bribing your customer to write a review – as it’s incredibly unethical. What we meant to say is give something more to your customer. Let’s say if you have delivered an urgent assignment to a student, you can create pops up like “Have you received your assignment? Love it, Like it or hate it? Review us now & get a chance to participate in the drawing!” Offering something extra will undoubtedly help to enhance the customer experience.

5. Conduct surveys to gather responses:

While the majority of the customers are not fond of writing, some feel too lazy to type. For such a group of customers, an online survey is the ideal of way of collecting feedbacks—design shorter surveys which customers can use it without any hassle.

And there you go! Follow these tricks to start generating online reviews to boost the popularity of your business.

Author bio: Keira is a reviewer at Essaycritics.com in Australia. Keira has acquired her MBA degree in management from Curtin University. She has nearly eight years of experience in this specific field. She is also an advisor for Essay.reviews.


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