5 Types of Service-Connected Disabilities

5 Types of Service-Connected Disabilities
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If you are an active duty member or veteran of the United States armed forces, you may qualify for disability benefits if you are injured. Here are five ways a service member may be eligible for service-related disability benefits.

1. Exacerbation of an Earlier Injury

You may have had an impairment when you enlisted in the armed forces. If your duties in the military cause this injury to worsen, you might qualify for service-connected disability benefits Columbus OH.

2. Harm From Treatment at a VA Facility

Claims for service-related disability benefits are not limited to injuries resulting from duties performed while in service. You may be injured while receiving medical treatment from the VA. If you are disabled due to a treatment-related injury, you can qualify for a service-connected disability.

3. Damage From a Service Injury

Coverage for service-connected disabilities is not limited to an original injury suffered while performing job duties. If you have an impairment that develops from damage incurred while on duty, you can receive benefits for the disablement caused by the secondary problem.

4. Impairment Directly From Service

Any disabling injury resulting from your activities while on duty can qualify for service-connected disability benefits. Damages incurred while in the line of duty are considered a direct service connection.

5. Incapacity While Not on Duty

A variety of disabling conditions may befall a service member that did not occur during any particular job function but are part of an overall exposure while in service. These types of conditions are usually chronic illnesses that develop over time. The member’s condition will have to merit a disability rating of greater than ten percent to qualify for benefits.

As an armed forces member or a veteran, you are entitled to disability benefits if your impairment qualifies as a service-connected injury.


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