5 Valuable Lessons That Will Improve Your Horse Race Betting


There are lots of varying lessons, such as using tools like the racenet app, which will improve your horse race betting. One of the foremost online betting platforms asked its members for their topmost horse race lessons. This article offers some of their foremost thoughts in no particular order.

1. No such thing as certainty

Irrespective of what you might think or have read, horses aren’t machines and could easily go through an off day. The form of the horse you are thinking of betting on might appear quite solid but you must always remain cautious before you put on more than what you can conveniently afford.

2. Never rush into a bet

There are lots of varying examples of this and all of them are appropriate.

  • You notice that the odds of a horse begin to tumble, normally driven by a sense of not desiring to miss out, a punter just jumps onto it swiftly – without taking out any time for evaluations.
  • After a couple of losses, you become afraid of having a ‘losing day’ thus, quickly enter into what now seems to be the next ‘excellent thing’ – though you might have discounted the horse earlier on when selecting your horses for that day.
  • You see or hear somebody talking up the chances of a horse and get on, without either checking the person who’s giving the advice or the horse in question out. You can get tools like the racenet app onlineto help you with such checking.
  • With races starting within, sometimes, just seconds of one another, punters are pressured into placing their bets with little to no time to study. Make sure you take time to study, it will eventually benefit you greatly.

3. Keep appropriate records of your bets

You will surely learn from both your successes as well as your errors. Utilize spreadsheets in analyzing your betting and make sure that you keep very accurate profit and loss numbers.

4. Bet on only horses you feel will win by two or more lengths

Certainly, when anybody thinks he is going to be investing his hard earned cash on the result of a horse race, he does so thinking that the horse he has chosen will win well in the end. If you think that it might turn out to be only ‘thereabouts’, then, as viewed by the majority of betting experts, you might be asking for real trouble – financial trouble that is.

5. Focus on and become an expert on a particular race type

An excellent example would be all-weather handicaps of between one mile and one mile two feet. There are lots of these kinds of races all through the year to sustain your interest but not just too many to get you overloaded. Watch all races live, get to understand the profile of these races’ winning horses, understand the form, the stats. Which jockeys, trainers, kind of horse, age, gender, and breeding always excel? Review all results of that race type, which horse won, its handicap mark in relation to its past marks.

In conclusion, these are only some of the many lessons, such as using a tool like the racenet app, for improving your horse race betting.


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