6 Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai


In a city like Dubai where there is much more to explore, the business of renting a car is increasing day by day. The residents of Dubai want the latest and upgraded versions of cars. For this reason, they prefer to rent a car instead of buying a new one. In this way, they can experience a ride in their dream car without putting pressure on their pocket. The tourists who visit Dubai also choose to rent a car rather than traveling by Public transport. Because renting a car has many advantages such as comfort, ease, and time-saving.

6 Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai

There are many car rental companies in Dubai providing car rental services. If you are a visitor or renting a car for the first time you should be aware of UAE car rental regulations and driving laws. Here we are enlisting some important things you should know before renting a car in Dubai. 

1. Choose A Well Reputed Company

The reputation of a car rental company is the most significant thing to know. Before selecting a certain company you must do research about it. We are living in a digital era where finding the reputation of a company is not much difficult. You just go to the website or Facebook page of that company, read customer reviews and you can easily know about the company’s transparency. A well-reputed company provides its clients with the best quality to maintain its image in the market. You should check that the company is registered with the road and transport authority (RTA) UAE before making a final decision.

2. Make Sure You Have Valid License

Traffic rules and regulations in UAE are very strict. You should follow these rules for enjoying your trip to Dubai while riding your dream car. For driving on the roads of Dubai it is necessary to make sure that you have a valid driving license. If you are a tourist then you must have a valid international driving license and a driving permit. The residents of Dubai or people living in Dubai on a work permit should have a UAE driving license. To get this license they should pass a driving license from an RTA approved driving institute. 

3. Age Limit For Hiring A Car

You must keep in mind the age rules before renting a car. The minimum age for driving a car is 18 years according to UAE’s law. But for renting a car the driver must be at least 21 years old. Certain car companies have restricted the minimum age limit to 25 years. If your age is 18 years and you want to rent a car some companies offer this service to you but for this, they take high rental charges. Because renting a car to a less experienced driver means the car is at more risk of damage. So be prepared for high rental charges if you are under age.

4. Understand Accident Policies

There is a proper procedure that you have to follow in case of an accident. The person who rents a car must inform the police at the time of having an accident especially if the vehicle gets damaged. At the same time, it is suggested to inform the car rental company so that they can take care of the matter. Otherwise, you have to pay for the damage even if it is not your fault. Similarly, if the car is not working properly then it is important to inform the rental company timely otherwise if any damage occurs to the car they will surely charge it from you.

5. Thoroughly Read Terms and Conditions

It is most common that people do not give proper attention to the terms and conditions of a company. Doing so can lead to extra unnecessary charges and increase the rental cost. These terms and conditions are available on the websites of these companies. Spend some time reading them thoroughly in order to avoid any unexpected problem and enjoy your holiday in Dubai without any stress.

6 Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai

6. Inspect The Interior And Exterior

Before renting a car in Dubai it is important to check the exterior of the vehicle to make sure there is no damage. In this way, it is ensured that you are not renting a car that is damaged by another person. Also, check the interior of the car to make sure that the equipment such as air conditioner, lights, hand brake, etc. is in the car are in the best condition and working properly.

Renting a premium or luxury car in Dubai is very easy as there are many providing luxury car rental companies in Dubai. But before renting a car from any of these you must keep in mind the points mentioned in this article. So that you can experience a trouble-free ride and explore the city driving your dream car.


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