8 Cheap Ways to Heat Your Pool

8 Cheap Ways to Heat Your Pool

No doubt a pool is a desirable feature for the home. Everyone loves a pool when it’s summer. And let’s admit it we all would have hot pools if our budget allow us. So, while a pool is a great activity for summer, what should we do about it in the winter?

Well, not all good things in life are expensive.

We agree hot pool costs quite a lot. But, you can have a pool with a comfortable temperature at quite a reasonable cost. In this article, we have talked about some cheap ways that can help you have a useable pool even in winter. Why leave this amazing piece on your property unused only because the temperature has dropped by a few degrees.

1. Benefit from the sun

When nature’s heater is out, we suggest you make the most out of it. Solar heaters are an effective and efficient way to heat big pools. These heaters run on solar energy and do not add much in terms of electricity bills. Solar heaters have one limitation though. These heaters do not work throughout the season because they don’t get the required sunlight supply. Another drawback is that although they can help in saving electricity bills, this whole setup is quite expensive to install. If you want to benefit from solar heaters, we recommend combining them with a secondary source of power. Gas heaters are a good option. In the absence of solar energy, they can make up for the deficiency.

2. Use the Black Hose

Bit complicated, this trick will help you save a lot on electricity bills. The black hose trick uses solar energy to raise the pool temperature. Connect the hose to the water tap installed outside your property. Run the hose to see which spot gets direct sunlight. This will warm up the water in the tube. Fill up the pool with warm water without bearing any expenses.

3. Use a pool blanket

Pool blankets are a practical way of retaining heat. There are many different types of pool blankets with one basic purpose- to retain pool heat. However, the best option is a solar blanket. On one hand, it captures the sunlight, allowing the pool to be more heated. On the other hand, it prevents the existing heat from evaporating. Solar blanket acts just like a greenhouse effect.

Other forms of pool blankets are solid blankets, liquid blankets, and floating blankets.

4. Timing of heater plays an important role

Heat pumps play a significant role in heating pools. Heaters utilize the heat present in the air. To reduce the heating cost, use heaters during the warm hours of the day. You can link the filtration system with a pool heater to reduce heating bills and to benefit from the natural heat optimally. It’s better to run the heating system along with the filtration system when it’s hot during the day.

5. Consider the COP

Since you are going to invest in a heat pump for your pool, make sure to get one that has a maximum out with minimum input. You can figure this out by calculating the Coefficient of Performance (COP). COP divides energy output by energy input and calculates the amount of heat your pump will produce. A pump with the highest COP will help you save your electricity bills. Pulse Power (has special cheap rates on Home Energy Club) making it easier and more affordable than ever to go solar; if you’re thinking about making the switch to solar, there’s no better time than now.

6. Prevent the pool from wind/windproof enclosure

This one is as intuitive as it seems. Wind tends to cool down the temperature. Therefore if your pool is between the ways of wind, do something about it. Build a wall or diversion to prevent it from reaching the pool. Without wind, the calm pool water does not evaporate heat as quickly because the water surface area does not change in comparison with the pool dimension. The blowing of the wind, however, whips the water, increasing the surface area. This results in the cooling down of water more quickly. Building a blockage will prevent the pool from evaporating heat quickly.

7. Go for mild instead of hot water

The idea of a hot pool is to have a normal temperature water pool that is not too uncomfortable to be in. while the idea of a hot pool fancies all of us. The truth is, it costs too much to get a hot pool. Instead, it is better to have lukewarm water because that does not weigh too much on budget.

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8. Get Solar Sun Rings

Solar sun rings are similar to solar covers. These can be used to cover a small area or the whole pool. Smaller rings allow the heating system to be moved around. Sun rings also prevent heat evaporation while trapping more heat from the sun. These are small chunks, they can be used to cover the area more easily as compared to solar covers.

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