A Brief History of SEO: Search Engine Optimization’s 20 Years

History of SEO

The activity or the performance of the concept of Search Engine Optimization can be traced back to the mid of 1990s. We can discuss about the notable milestones in the evolution of SEO and Search Engines. In the current era of technological advances, Search engine Optimization is quite popular in the activity of digital marketing. It revolves around the search engine Google. The practice which is currently known as SEO, actually pre-dates the world’s most popular search engine that was co-founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Search Engine Optimization Services, it enables the clients to understand the importance of digital marketing in business.

History of Search Engine Optimization

As per the argument, it is known that the along with SEO, all other things related to search engine marketing initiated with the launch of the first website that was published in 1991. Thus during the initial launch of the web search engine, the story of ‘SEO’ officially began a bit later, which was around 1997. Therefore according to the author of “Digital Engagement “, Bob Heyman, the courtesy of the manager of the rock band, Jefferson Starship is accepted for helping to give birth to a new and innovative field that has grown to be known as “Search Engine Optimization.” The experts of Qdexi provide genuine Search Engine Optimization Services to their esteemed clients.

In 1997, ranking high on the search engines was still a completely new concept. It was even directory driven. Before the original Google classification was fueled by DMOZ, LookSmart was powered by Zeal, and then Go.com was its own directory. Thus at that time, the Yahoo Directory was a major player in the Yahoo Search.

Search Engine Optimization vs. Search Engine Marketing

Before establishing Search Engine Optimization as the official name, the other terms that were used for the concept were Search engine placement, search engine ranking, search engine positioning, search engine registration, search engine submission, and website promotion. But without mentioning the term, Search Engine Marketing, none of the discussion is completed. In 2001, search engine marketing was suggested by one prominent industry writer as a successor to the search engine optimization. However, the term SEO, cannot be considered to be perfect, because actually the search engines are not optimized but it is the web presence which is being optimized. Therefore for the last 20 years, the term SEO has been a preferred name in the digital marketing industry and is also expected to be in the foreseeable future. The search engine optimization is the part of search engine marketing. The SEO is focused on driving traffic to the website while SEM is the practice that helps in getting visibility through paid and organic search. Both are considered the effective ways to grow the presence of the business online in the competitive market place. Both sear The Search Engine Optimization Services as offered by Qdexi is highly beneficial for their existing clients.

A Brief History of SEO: Search Engine Optimization’s 20 Years

The Timeline of Search Engine History

The concept and practice of search engine have changed the way of finding information, conducting research, shopping for the services and products, and also entertaining ourselves along with connecting with others. It can be said that, behind almost every online destination, is a search engine, whether it is a blog, website, social network or app. Thus the search engine has become a directional guide and connecting force to regular life. The digital marketing experts of Qdexi provide the Search Engine Optimization Services to the listed clients at a highly affordable rate.

How did the Concept of Search Engine Initiate?

For understanding the roots of the technology, the timeline for the notable milestones from the history of search engine optimization and search engines are being put together. The landscape of search engine became highly competitive in the last decade of the 1900s. The user the, had their own choice of search engines, which is both crawler-based listings and human-powered directories. It includes the likes of Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite, Yahoo, and Lycos. At the initial stage the only way of performing any kind of SEO activity was through the on-page activities. Among the other factors, this involved in ensuring that the content was relevant and good, the HTML tags were accurate, there was adequate text, and even there was internal and external links. Through our quality services, the clients can well understand the importance of SEO Service Provider.

Thus for desiring to rank well in that era, the trick that was applied pretty much was the repetition of the keywords adequate times throughout the web pages and meta tags. Thus extraordinarily repeating the amount of keywords for outranking a page is currently called as spamming. In 1994, Yahoo was created by the students of Stanford University, which was originally an internet bookmark list and also directory of interesting sites. In 1996, the other two Stanford University students, Larry and Brin built and tested a new search engine named, Backrub that would rank the sites based on the inbound link popularity and relevancy.        


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