Apartment Essentials – 6 Appliances Every New Apartment Needs

Apartment Essentials

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting occasion. It’s yours, and you can transform it into your private haven in any way you please. However, when it comes down to sourcing the essentials, it can get a bit overwhelming. Where do you even begin? It makes sense to start with the kitchen, so here are five must-have appliances for your new abode.

An Induction Stove

A new apartment is always worthy of new appliances, so why not opt for a high-quality induction stove and matching induction cookware? While you could select an ordinary stove, the benefits associated with induction cooktops are hard to look past.

They heat up faster, and you can control the cooking process with far more precision. You may even notice an improvement in the quality of the meals you serve and a drop in your power bills. What’s not to love about that?

A Bread Maker

How amazing would it be to come home to the lovely aroma of bread baking in your kitchen? If you’re not keen on all the precision kneading it takes to create bread from scratch, a bread maker can take care of the hard work for you.

There’s no limit to the varieties you can bake, and you may even notice monetary savings by making your bread instead of buying it. Over time, that can offset the cost of purchasing the appliance in the first place.

A Coffee Maker

A good quality coffee maker is a must-have appliance for any new apartment. You can purchase entry-level or advanced machines, and some even have milk frothers.

The benefit of owning such an appliance is that you can make a café-style coffee instead of buying one. Save yourself money and time by not having to queue up at your local café before work.  

A Toaster

What’s coffee without a piece of toast in the morning? A toaster is another must-have apartment appliance, and it’s one that doesn’t come with a high price tag. While you could brown your toast in the oven, a toaster is a fail-safe method for having the perfect level of crispiness every time.  

The best part is, this appliance takes up minimal space in your kitchen and can be useful for heating waffles, pastries, hash browns, sweet potato toast, and more.

A Food Processor

Want to whip up a quick hummus for your carrots and celery? What about biscuits for a delicious slice? A food processor is a versatile and convenient appliance to own, so it’s one to consider when you move into your new apartment.  

Given the sheer volume of options on the market, you should be able to find one that suits your needs and your budget.

A Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is not something that everyone considers for their new home, but it can be a worthwhile investment. This handy little appliance can save energy, help your meals retain their moisture, preserve food, and speed up cooking times.

This last point is one of the primary reasons why people invest in this appliance. An entire four-pound chicken can take between 18 to 25 minutes to cook to perfection. Even chicken breasts with the bone in will take no time at all. They’ll be ready for consumption in as little as ten minutes.

Choosing new furniture and appliances for your apartment can take a long time. However, if you focus on the essentials first, you can enjoy a stress-free start to your new apartment life. Why not get started with the versatile kitchen essentials listed above? 


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