Aspire to be a Successful Car Dealer? Here Are Marketing Tips to Follow


Any business works on its sales and the customer base it caters to. A profitable car dealership business works on more than just the business cards and flashy signage.

Many car dealers struggle to promote their business, increase their sales and create a strong presence in the market. For any car business, engaging with the customers and knowing their preferences is the critical factor.

Tips to Increase Sales for Better Profit

Following are a few tips to boost your sales and increase profits. These are some tried-and-tested ways to tap the right kind of audience.

Customer reviews

For any business, customer satisfaction stories speak volumes. These stories instil trust for the brand, forming the right image in the eyes of the customers.

“Word of mouth” is an essential tool for any sales strategy. Out of many marketing strategies, customer testimonials is one of the most effective ones. As a car merchant, your primary focus should be on good customer reviews.

To cover all the bases, ensure their presence on all the social networks, including your website.

Another essential strategy is to capture happy customer videos and stories and use them in your paid social advertisements, newsletters and your website too.

The world is going digital, and in today’s times, consumers consider online reviews as an essential source of credibility for buying any product.

Positive customer reviews will also increase your ranking on the internet and will create a positive impact on potential buyers.

Go the Google way

As per a study, 70% of the people, surf online for reviews and then go for any other source. Google Ads strategy is one of the other effective ways to be at the top searches on Google as the first few listings get the majority of clicks.

To ensure the effectiveness of your Google ads strategy focus on the keywords, that should be strictly related to your text. Another way is to use ad extensions. Using these extensions, lead interaction chances are improved and give good results.

Adjusting your campaigns

There are unofficial “car buying” holidays which are preferred explicitly by the customers in case of buying a car. To increase your sales, you can adjust your marketing campaigns as per these holidays.

Ad scheduling is another effective way to increase your visibility. Usually, this scheduling is done for the weekends or during the free hours when the customers are expected to be on online search platforms.

The right audience

Taping the right target audience for your business plays a vital role in marketing strategy. Who are your prospective customers? Do they have any special requirement? It is imperative to answer these questions to form the right marketing strategy.

Customer segregation should be done on various factors like the income level, car needs, family preferences etc. Customers looking for luxuries like the Rolls Royce and Porshe cannot be clubbed with customers demanding affordable or second-hand cars.

Every customer base has different needs and should be targeted differently. Sending the right message to the right customer increases the chances of lead conversion.

For example, targeting a BMW buyer may be more concerned about their interiors while a Chevrolet buyer may be concerned with its mileage and strength.

For a different target audience, you need to make groups clubbing your similar audiences in one group. For this activity, it is essential to spend time in the segregation of the audiences to get the desired results.

Focus on footfall

What is your USP? Are you offering any particular benefit to your customers? Your marketing strategy should provide solutions to these questions and compel the customers to choose you over your competitors.

To be unique, you can think of some offers and unique services that you can provide to your customers, creating an edge for you.

First 3 services free, lowest prices in town, offering an excellent discount to first-time buyers are a few examples of the unique services that can be offered by you to attract a greater footfall.

One of the effective ways to increase the footfall at your outlet is to provide loan facility to ease out things for the customers facing a financial problem.

For this, either you can go for a tie-up with financial institutions and banks or any private lenders. These institutions offer various loan facilities in the form of “car finance”, “personal loans” and many more.

The terms and condition can be pre-decided, and the loans can be offered to facilitate the car buying process for your customers. This will help you to have the edge over your competitors and boost your sales drastically.


Creating your presence in the market and staying for the longest time are two different things. Remarketing ads are a great way to ensure that no customer goes out of focus.

With a tough competitive market, it is essential to not to lose out on any new lead.

Once your customer gets connected with the right salesperson, you are already there halfway, so try and prove a deal to your customers that they cannot resist. With the help of these automotive marketing strategies, your campaigns should take off at a lightning pace.


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