ASUS W202NA 11.6″ Student Laptop Intel Celeron N3350 – Review


When you are a student, a laptop can prove to be your best friend. It helps you study, perform different tasks, be entertained, and play games. It also acts as your personal organizer. A good laptop is all you need to keep you going. So, if your thinking of buying a new laptop, then we are here to help you find out which one is better for you. So, let’s not waste any more time, and review a laptop suitable for students.


This laptop from Asus proves to be the best fit for all the students out there. It is powered by Intel Celeron and 1.10GHz processor. It has a memory of 4GB RAM, and a storage space of 64GB SSD. It is windows 10 compatible, so you get the best and easy interface, whether you are studying or gaming. Such great storage space gives you enough space, to store all your favourite apps, and other software that will help you with your education purposes.


It provides the best interface for students to work and study with great ease. It supports the complete version of Microsoft Office. Students can use this to their benefit anytime they want. You can make your notes on Microsoft Word and prepare for the class presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint.


This laptop is equipped with 802.11ac Wifi, which provides the fastest Wifi you could want from a laptop. You can connect with the internet in a jiffy. Plus, you will stay connected even when the connections are weak or spotty.


This laptop has been made with keeping the student life-style in mind. It can take a good amount of beating with ease. It has rubber-lined edges, so it can endure small falls or bumps. Water spills are not any issue with this laptop. It can also endure temperature and pressure changes. You can use this laptop in a carefree manner, wherever you are.


This laptop has an 11.6 inch HD display, which gives you the resolutions of 1366×768. It provides a great view for working, and streaming purposes. Even though the display is not that great, as other high end laptops, but still it is quite decent as compared to its contemporaries. The colours are sharp and vivid. Plus, its display keeps the strain on your eyes at a minimum, so you can work whole day or stream for long hours, without worrying about damaging your eyes.


Well, this was the Asus W202NA review. All we got to know from this review is, that it is a best fit for all the students out there. It provides performance, productivity, portability, and durability. It will surely prove to be your partner in the studies. So, don’t waste anymore time and get yourself this laptop, or choose from a wide range of Asus laptops only at


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