Benefits Of Tube Cutters In Automobiles


There are a lot of things that are to be kept in mind when it comes to selecting tube cutters for the vehicles. It is not an easy task and involves a lot of expertise and research to offer the best comfort. Customers these days are quite advanced and have a lot of knowledge about the internal parts of the vehicles they are planning to shop for. Hence the manufacturers need to be very careful while they plan out on the tube cutters.

Abrasive cutting

When it comes to providing the best to the customers, several features have to be analysed. This helps in making the end product durable and cost-effective. The abrasive cutting method is one of the traditional techniques used on the cutting of the pipes; it is also one of the best-loved one by the customers. It is an easy method of bringing out the best results without the consumption of a lot of energy.

Band saw cutting

The next type of tube cutting in the tube guide is the band saw. It is a process that is fully automatic and is performed when you are looking for bulk actions to be completed. This cutting is mostly done when you are planning to cut out different shapes and sizes.

Cold sawing

Cold sawing with great accuracy is ideal for the cutting of smaller diameters or thin walls requiring precise tolerances. A rotating cold saw uses a wheel blade that usually has a mist lubricant which slices fluid. The steel blade of a cold saw is fixed and does not move. The cooling sawing makes the square or perpendicular cuts with minimum or no burr. This automatic cutting process will package material with a tolerance of ±0.004 in weight.

Laser cutting

The next type of cutting is the latest technology of laser cutting. The procedure of using laser has endless benefits. One of the best things is that it does not require a lot of time. With the time and money-saving technique, one can quickly look forward to using this and generating the best results.


A high-speed tube shear is fully automatic and uses two shear panes and two ID pins under intense tubing strain. On all dimensions and thicknesses of the wall, the shearing action is the same.

The advantages of tube shaving technology are speed and length. The shorter the piece is, the greater the output rate (minimum of 0.25 in.) This high-performance operation will manufacture up to 8-hour shifts with 7,000 units per hour. Specific capacities depend on the thickness of the shear and wall of the material.

Conclusion  This was a brief information about the tube cutters and their types. When you are looking out for the best options for tube cutters, then every nook and corner has to be checked. You cannot go ahead and plan on cutting. Proper research and a well-trained hand are needed to bring out the best results. When using these techniques, the manufacturers always prefer a well-planned and focussed person to deal with the technology to offer 100% customer satisfaction.


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