Worst habits that harm your teeth


In today’s world, when everybody wants to look the best, having healthy, shining, and perfect teeth is a natural desire. The first thing a person notices about you is your smile. As people older, they become more aware of their looks and hygiene. It is imperative to learn how to keep your teeth clean from a younger age. Maintaining healthy oral hygiene is more than about looks. An inadequate oral care routine can be the cause of many dental diseases like cavities, tooth staining, and bad breath.

 You can maintain your perfect smile and exceptional oral health with only a few good habits. In the same way, some practices can also impact the health of your teeth. These are:

1)  Nail Biting:

Many people start biting their nails when they are nervous, anxious, or it can be just a stress trigger. Nail-biting can be the cause of chipped teeth and impacts the jaw substantially. If you place your jaw in a protruding position for a longer time, it puts pressure on the joints of the jaw and has long term effects.

You can reduce the habit of nail-biting by putting on bitter nail-polishes. Reducing stress by practising mindfulness can also help in minimizing the triggers. Moreover, to fight the urge of nail-biting, you can keep your fingers busy by always holding something in your hands. 

2)  Brushing too aggressively:

Brushing twice a day is a very crucial habit and keeps the teeth spick and span. However, if you put too much pressure while cleaning your teeth and become aggressive, the brush spindles can affect the gums and cause bleeding. This can lead to many other dental problems like pus formation, swelling, and extreme pain.

To put an end to this habit, opt for a brush that is soft and has an ADA seal of acceptance at the standard pressure. Also, when you’re brushing, think about a massage. Maintain a circular and careful motion while brushing so your tissues are not affected by any forceful pressure.

3)  Clenching and grinding of teeth:

Grinding and clenching of teeth is another habit that a person can adopt from childhood. It is also trigger-dependent and causes substantial damage to the structure of the teeth and gum tissues. As a fact, excessive grinding results in cracking and chipping of the teeth structure. Moreover, it can also end up in severe joint pain.

Teeth grinding is a common problem in many people. Doctors suggest relaxation exercises to reduce the triggers that initiate the urge to clench the jaw. Staying calm and also alert when you are in a triggering situation helps a lot. Furthermore, wearing a mouthguard when you are sleeping also reduces teeth damage. 

If you need counselling on how to combat such habits that affect the oral hygiene and might lead to a more severe dental problem, call Emerdency – the place where you will find the best emergency dentists in Blackburn.


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